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Skincare - Foam Cleansing | The Face Palette | Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well. Myself and Lechu often talk about makeup and skincare and we felt most of us in our teenage and early 20’s were not given proper advice on skincare routine. Of course, we knew couple of homemade recipes for face masks and chapped lips etc. but none that advised us on the importance of a proper and legitimate Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising routine. Now, we are in an era where we are bombarded with products and information. However, it is still far more confusing than anything else. Skincare brands are revolutionizing the industry on a daily basis bringing different ingredients, formulations, brands, routines from different countries. I am often told to avoid oily food (yes it helps but you don’t have to completely avoid it). Eat fresh veggies but no one bothered to explain to me how to wash my face or to avoid using alcohol based products. So today, I will quickly run you through foaming facewash cleansing or morning cleanse as we call it.

What exactly is a Foaming Facewash?

We all know foaming washes mostly contain soap or SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) as foaming agents. SLS is ok if used in milder concentration. However, whenever I recommend a facewash, I prefer to use less drying ones and milder ones, free from SLS. Products meant for oily skin mostly contain SLS. They will also contain salicylic acid or alcohol in higher dose. I like salicylic acid but not as a wash off. It will stay in our face for hardly 1 minute. How do you expect it to work? They key is to use non-drying formulas and a balanced Ph washes. Often foaming washes have higher Ph and that when combined with water it goes even higher. Skin’s ph is around 5.5 so ideally, we should use a foaming cleanser around 5.5.

Some western brands do these days promote Ph balanced washes however very few people are bothered about it. In Korea and Japan where skin care is huge, they often release well formulated and balanced washes. I can sit and go through most of the products available but essentially, we need to check on the Ph and if you can’t find one which is still not tolerating with your skin try to get cream cleansers. A lot of brands these days do them. I would quickly go through three of the foam cleansers I am using currently from which I hope you get an idea of what to search in the market.

La Roche Posay: It’s a mild gel with no specific fragrance or colour. It doesn’t dry me out but I am combination to dry skin girl. After using this, my skin don’t feel particularly dry which is always a plus for me. What I like the most about them is its mild enough to use as a single cleanser in mornings and as a second cleanse when I wear makeup or sunscreen.

Hada Labo Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Foam: Its one of my favourite cleansers, fluffy foam simply amazing. It doesn’t again dry my skin and again Ph 5.5 and use as a single cleanser but I don’t use it with any cleansing tool. You can buy it from eBay, but make sure the seller is based in Japan.

Cerave foaming facial cleanser: Pretty similar in function but creamy texture got a stable ph 5.5 and it contains ceramides which help to create a skin barrier, niacinamide amazing brightening and anti-aging ingredient and hyaluronic acid which helps to plump up the skin. It works amazing for my skin.

Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan Narangi and Nagkesar: I also have few cleansing powders like Ubtan from Forest Essentials which I normally use as a second cleanse or as a pack or in the morning to remove the leftover of skincare bits. If you would like to purchase this product, please click here

It is important to wash your face in the morning with some gentle cleansers as its necessary to remove the dirt which skin picked up from the bed sheets, hair and even the air. Remember, if foaming cleanser is too drying try cream cleanser or oil cleansing which I discussed in my last post. Many brands do oil cleansing just check the ingredients if mineral oil or Paraffinum Liquidum is high up in the list then the money you spent is not well worth. Other than that, it is indeed very import to start skincare on a clean slate hence whether you do double cleanse or single cleanse do proper research on your products, know the ingredients before you buy and start using products on your skin.

If you would like to buy good skincare products from India, check out the Innisfree range. They have very good range of skincare products at quite an affordable range with very good ingredients.Check it out here.

Please do let me know if you have any questions at all. I would be happy to answer them for you.

With lots of love,


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