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Mexican Ambassador to India visits Face Palette

Mexican Ambassador to India HE Federico Salas visited Face Palette Academy in Kochi to witness first hand the incredible work we do, empowering women through our makeup Artistry training program. He heard in detail about how we support our makeup artists , about our Face Palette Makeup Angels who deliver bridal makeup services to our clients in Kerala, and about our Co branded Face Palette Makeup studios run by Face Palette students at various locations in Kerala

Embassy of Mexico in India tweeted about the visit to the Ambassador to Face Palette.
Embassy of Mexico in India tweeted about the visit to the Ambassador to Face Palette.

Face Palette® International Makeup Academy & Makeup Services is dedicated to empowering women through the art of makeup, providing them with the necessary training and tools to become skilled makeup artists and successful micro entrepreneurs.

In addition to our comprehensive makeup artistry training, we also provide our talented students with real-life work opportunities as professional makeup artists ( whom we call as Face Palette Makeup Angels), allowing them to showcase their skills at our clients locations in Kerala and gain valuable experience in the industry. 💄💼✨

Not only do we provide comprehensive makeup artistry training and real-life opportunities, but we also take it a step further by collaborating with our talented artists' to set up Face Palette Makeup Studio at various locations in Kerala. This collaboration empowers our women entrepreneurs to establish their own successful beauty businesses, backed by the expertise and recognition of Face Palette, which is a renowned name in the industry. Together, we are redefining the standards of beauty and entrepreneurship.

This esteemed ambassador's visit serves as a testament to the incredible work we do here, fostering a community where women can unleash their creativity, build their confidence, and pave their own path to success. Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this special journey of empowerment and transformation! 💄💪


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