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About Face Palette


Face Palette, a brand owned by Dela Beauty Products & Services limited and a Govt of India recognised Startup, is a beauty venture co founded by husband - wife duo, Lekshmi Menon & Sujit S Nair, both UK returned Indian entrepreneurs, who were awarded scholarships to study post graduation from UK universities. The ventures focuses on all things makeup - training, products and services.  The Face Palette aims to give an insight into the world of makeup artistry, share knowledge about basic and advanced makeup tips and tricks, get different looks, review about products and make all you beautiful people out there... even more glam, pretty and confident.


Lekshmi Menon was featured as a 'Leading Light' by Asian Voice, Britain's Largest and Oldest News Weekly. She was featured for creating a new style of Makeup Methodology called EuDia ( formerly Induk), which is a fusion of Indian and European Makeup Techniques. We believe that Makeup is an art and an illusion to highlight your core features and emphasise what you like. Understanding colours, textures, finishes and techniques are very important to achieve this and through The Face Palette, we aim to teach you just the same. From God's own country, Kerala and expanding the horizon, we welcome all dear ones to 'The Face Palette'.


Face Palette focuses on 3E mission of Educating, Engaging and Empowering women and other makeup enthusiasts in the art of makeup artistry and hair styling through our courses and services. We achieve this by Educating and regularly training people in the art of makeup and hair through our professional makeup artistry/ Diploma in Makeup and Hair courses; Engaging our artists in delivering makeup & hair services to our clients, who book makeup services using our App/ phone booking and by our artists’ continued association with Face Palette, Empower them to become beauty influencers in their region by leveraging the Face Palette.

Lekshmi Menon.,MS (UK), FRSA

Founder & Creative head

Lekshmi Menon FRSA, Founder of The Face Palette, is a self-confessed beauty addict, love to get all dolled-up and make others look pretty and beautiful. Having spent considerable time in Scotland, the UK beauty scene helped her to understand about the latest varied colours in makeup, texture, formulations which are being followed in the western world. One of her USP has been the extensive research and influence of renowned British makeup artists like Charlotte Tilbury, Lisa Eldridge & Pat McGrath in my work. She blends techniques pursued by these well known UK Makeup Artists with her knowledge of Indian Makeup methodology and this has resulted in a development of her own make up methodology called EuDia Makeup methodology, which focuses on making a follower of this methodology understand a product, experiences its feelings and apply them to get the best effect.

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