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How to get long-lasting lipsticks

Today we are here with the answer to the mostly asked question, that is, how to get long-lasting lipsticks. After 2 to 3 hours the lipstick vanishes. This is because there is a method to apply lipstick. It depends on its finish and also the canvas on which we are applying the lipstick should be neat.

So tip number one for lasting lipstick, firstly your canvas of the lipstick is the lips themselves. Dry and non-exfoliated lips that is, without scrubbing dry patches and cracked lips, your lipstick definitely won't last. Your lips should have a smooth canvas. So daily with a powdered sugar scrub or with the scrubs which are available in the market, exfoliate the lips. With gentle movement, use your fingertip when you scrub. Don't use it like this. Only scrub gently to increase the blood circulation of the lips. It helps the lips to become plumpy and increase the moisture content. After this, hydrate the lips. Avoid vaseline which contains mineral oils. Start using lip oils. Lip oils are available in the market to buy. There are many brands offering lip oils. Use lip oil. If there is nothing available, take a drop of coconut oil and apply it. Even Rosehip oil, you can use it to brighten the lips and reduce pigmentation. Also, so many brands are having overnight lip masks. You can apply these masks to the lips and go to sleep. The next morning our lips would have become soft and supple. Moisture will be absorbed by the lips and so the lips won't be dry. If we are doing these things, the lip that is the canvas will be ready for the lipsticks. If the lips are cracked and the canvas is not neat, you won't find any finish.

The second tip for lasting lipstick is that we have to be careful regarding the finish in using the lipstick. Lip gloss or creamy lipsticks run around the lips because they contain lots of wax, oils and emollients. What happens is that it won't cling to the canvas. If they are running around, they will be moving and budging. They will transfer onto your food. Likewise, it will budge when you talk. If you want long-wear lipsticks, try and avoid extremely creamy, waxy emollient lipsticks. Start using matt lipstick. If it is a matt lipstick, it will stand and will not move around. This is the tip you have to consider. Ok? Avoid using Lip Gloss.

Third tip. Lip Glosses are beautiful, lips look plumpy. Even though they look youthful, lip gloss won't last. It also creates very uncomfortable white patches on your lips and it is not pretty looking. So try and avoid lip glosses if you want long-lasting lip wear. So avoid lip glosses.

The fourth tip is that even though it is matt lipstick, don't forget to use lip liner. Lipliner means it is drawing a boundary line. It creates a borderline. Lipliner contains high wax content. If we draw the border with them, lipstick won't go out of this border. Then we get a shape and definition for our lips. This is the reason we use lipliners. Likewise, we have to create a base for the lipstick. If we create a base for lipstick, the lip will stick on to them. That is why we should draw lipliners.

Another tip is that use matt lipstick. Matt lipsticks are comfortable. Many don't know that there are different types of matt lipsticks. Matt are not always uncomfortable. There are soft matt, velvet matt and then you have liquid retro matt. Velvet matt has a velvety smooth finish but if you have a tea you can see the lipstick will budge onto the cup. It is not transfer-proof. Velvet matt will transfer. It won't be having shine, not creamy or not glossy. It will be matt. Your lips will be like touching a velvet cloth. That is why it is called velvet matt. It is comfortable and very comfortable for daily wear. There are many crayons that are velvet matt. Next is soft matt. Soft matt will be creamy, not much pigmented and soft but won't dry too much. Generally, soft matt is not transfer-proof. But there are brands doing soft matt as transfer-proof. But generally, it is not transfer-proof. You can see the residue if you had tea. The third is Retro matt. Retro matt is transfer-proof, smudge-proof, whatever you do it won't go off. If you are going to eat any greasy or oily food, it will wear off only in the center portion. Otherwise, it won't disturb the overall finish of the lips. That is Retro matt. The thing we have to consider is that even if it maintains the finishing beautifully, they are uncomfortable for many. Because Reto matt is very drying and extremely matt. Generally, we get Retro matt in bullet lipsticks or in liquid lipsticks. In the case of liquid lipstick, it will be liquidy when you apply but turns to matt after 5 minutes. Whatever matt lipsticks you are wearing, whether it may be soft matt, velvet matt or retro matt it will completely last.

Another important tip is that if we are going somewhere, we have to carry the lipstick we used in our clutch or bag or handbag. For example, if we had a meal or a biriyani, the grease content in them will remove the lipstick from the center portion. So preferably carry them in your bag.

Another very very important tip is that. If you want a lipstick that will last till evening which is transfer-proof and budge-proof lipstick, avoid eating with your hands. Try and use a fork, knife, or spoons for eating your food. In that case, the food goes directly to the mouth and won't touch the lipstick. So start using cutlery. If you want chopsticks, use chopsticks. If you want a fork, use fork. If you want spoons, use spoons. You can use any cutlery you have. In this case, your lipsticks won't go off. So these are very few tips that will help you to make your lipsticks last very very long.


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