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Makeup/ Hair styling classes - International certification

We conduct various formats of makeup and hair styling classes for students who are keen to learn the art of makeup. Following the completion of the course, the students will be given a course completion certification from London based Industry think tank, Europe India Centre for Business and Industry.


These classes are conducted at our academy in Kochi and at locations organised by the face palette team. Classes are taught through a new technique called EuDia Methodology (EuDia Methodology is the Makeup methodology created by Lekshmi Menon FRSA, based on her learning in India and the UK/ Europe and has been featured by Britain's largest selling news weekly, Asian Voice as a Leading Light).


Students who are beginners and with any levels of experience can attend our makeup courses. We have students with no experience and those with more than 30 years of experience attending our classes.  The course is a mixture of classroom teaching and homeworks so that you need to stay only for few days in Kochi. We also constantly mentor the students so as to develop better makeup skills.

Courses at the academy include Internationally Certified Professional Makeup Artistry Course,  Diploma in Makeup & Hair styling, Internationally Certified HD Bridal Makeup course, hair styling course, saree draping course amongst others. 


Professional Makeup Artistry course

The course has both Theory and Practicals whereby students are given hands on training by Lekshmi herself and taught through every makeup process in detail.

HD Bridal Makeup Course

Internationally Certified HD Bridal Makeup Artistry Course is a hands-on training course whereby limited number of students are trained in various aspects of bridal makeup including makeup, hair, saree draping and jewellery setting. After the course, we will help you create a Portfolio of your makeup looks.

6 Days Bridal Makeup Course using

MAC products

This is a 6 Days makeup masterclass in Kochi, Kerala whereby students who have some knowledge of makeup are taught various aspects of HD Bridal makeup, including Makeup, Hair, Saree draping and Jewellery setting.

Hair Styling course

This course provides hands-on training course and students will get to learn hot styling, perming, cutting and braiding.

International Diploma in Makeup and Hair

This course has seven sessions during the three months with a minimum of 38 days of classroom teaching in Kochi. The course, which can be pursued after the HD Bridal Makeup Artistry course, would cover topics for Makeup, Advanced eye makeup routine, Hair and saree draping 

15 Day Makeup, Hair and Saree Draping course

This course is a 15 days course where students are taught various aspects of Makeup, Hair and Saree draping. 

Saree draping course

During this workshop, students are taught saree draping. The course is a one day course


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