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Knock, Knock! Take a Sneak Peak into my Makeup Bag Favourites December 2016 | The Face Palette Makeu

Hello my lovely beautiful cupcakes,

How have you all been? Hope everyone had a wonderful last month of 2016. I have been super duper busy this month as well. We got back from the UK during the first week of December and then it was my brother-in-law's wedding and celebrations the entire month so it was super nice and super tiring. We literally had a ball of a time with the entire family joining us from all over. The wedding was at Palakkad and the Reception was in Bangalore. We actually had 5 major events back-to-back during the month of December. First was the Wedding Eve Night Dinner, Morning Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Hall Ceremony, Bangalore Reception and we had a Chennai Reception to attend as well. I used a lot of consistent products for all the events since I had to travel with it and many of them are included in this month's favourites.

Are you ready for the December 2016 'Knock, Knock! Take a Sneak Peak into my Makeup Bag Favourites' segment.

Let me take you on a Sneak Peak to my Makeup Bag for the month of December and this month I do have a lot of makeup stuff. Here are some of the products I loved using:

1) COVERFX Radiant Drops in Sunlight

Now, this beauty that you are seeing above has been my absolutely FAVOURITE beauty product, ever!!!! I always wanted to get one but it is very, very difficult since I live in India and it was very kind and gracious of my dear glowing friend Prima, (who is like a sister to me) to get it for me from the US. I am absolutely in love with the CoverFX Custom Enhancer Drops and I have it in the shade Sunlight which suits medium/tan skin so so so beautifully. I always mix it up with my foundation and my skin just glows and radiates!!! Absolutely beautiful but remember, use it sparingly else you will end up looking like a glitter bomb. Too much can also make your pores stand out so use it very strategically. I also love to apply this product on all the high points of my face for that extra glowing luminescence. To be honest, I adore all their shades but coming at $42, it is not CHEAP... but something about the formulation in this is just right. LOVED using it for all my events during the month of December.

2) BHARAT AND DORRIS Cream Foundation in 08

I was introduced to this product by a renowned makeup artist in Kerala. I was on the hunt for a good orange cream based corrector for my under eyes. I usually use my Bobbi Brown Correctors but I was searching for a cheaper alternative and I ended up at the Anez Anzare's Makeup Store and had a good chat with the man and he suggested that I try this out. Now, I do not have much comments on him (something I do not wish to talk about), however, this product he suggested was quite good. I would not compare it to the Bobbi Brown though but for the price and availability here in Kerala, it was satisfactory enough. I used it couple of times and it sat well on my skin. It does crease since this product is very, very emollient and is not as pigmented as I actually like for a corrector but it is good enough, will do the job. Make sure you powder under your eyes well after using this.

3) I HEART MAKEUP Eyeshadow Palette in Death by Chocolate

Now this is one palette I got while I was travelling in the UK during the month of November and I used it extensively during the month of December. I ONLY used this palette throughout the month, (even though I carried my MAC and Urban Decay Vice 2) and that is saying something!!! It was affordable, highly pigmented, good range of shimmers and mattes, can work out 1000 looks and it stayed on really well on my lids. I loved this palette a lot. I bought it for hardly £8, which is like Rs.670 approx. and what more could I ask for!!! Loved this palette a loooooot and something you should all grab if you could because it can beat a lot of high end makeup palettes I own by a mile.

4) NIP AND FAB Glycolic Acid Extreme Night Pads

This tiny little bottle is like a Skincare Dream for me!!!! I was introduced to this product by my dear friend Remya (who is a Guest-Blogger here) and I was literally blown away by how amazing it is, after a week of its usage. Now all you beautiful angels who have acne, pimples, blemishes, pigmentation and scarring... this product is simply AMAZING!!! You must already know the fact that Glycolic Acid is an AHA, which is Alpha Hydoxy Acid and is absolutely amazing to treat fine lines, acne, blemishes, oil etc. These pads contain 5% Glycolic acid in it which is mild (Don't ask me why they call it extreme), but it works great on your skin. What is great about this product is that it also contains Lactic Acid, Mandelic Acid and Salicylic Acid which works great on your skin and provides mild exfoliation after couple of uses, so make sure you apply a good serum and in the morning, protect your skin from the sun.

(You can read more about Acid Skincare Routine very soon!) I absolutely ADORE this product and I will continue to re-purchase this for a very, very long time.

5) COLOURED RAINE Liquid Lipstick in MARY

This magic liquid lipstick has been one of my favourite from the time I got it in my hand couple of months back. This beautiful burgundy red with a tiny metallic sheen has the perfect blend of pink and purple undertones that complement gold/tan skin like a miracle. I wore this shade for my Brother in Law's Hall wedding ceremony and everyone complimented my look.

For reference, this was my look:

I generally love the formulation of Coloured Raine Liquid Lipsticks. They are runnier than Stila, Lime Crime and many other liquid lipsticks I own. The formulation is very similar to that of the Chambor Extreme Wear Liquid Lipstick, but they are so pigmented and last a very long time, even through humidity and meals, which is always a plus!!

6) INGLOT Lip liner in 857

This lip liner is so, so beautiful and I have been a fan of this for a very long time. I particularly enjoyed using this product during the month of December since it complemented the above 'Mary' Liquid Lipstick from Coloured Raine really well. I always colour my entire lip with a lip liner prior to applying any lipstick and this is the lip liner I used for my above pic. This literally glides on without tugging in to your lips too much. I adore the Inglot packaging and one side of the lip liner comes with a brush which is really handy to blend your lip liner to your lips. You can wear this shade on its own and it would be a nice soft look if you blend it using the brush that comes along with the lip liner. (Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the brush side.. oops!!) I totally enjoyed using this during December.

7) GUERLAIN Terracotta Bronzer in 07

I love this Bronzer so, so much. It is dark and perfect for Golden Skin. (I am a NC40 shade in MAC, for reference) and this just blends in seamlessly providing a perfect look. This Bronzer definitely has red undertones to it which may look muddy on lighter skin tones and will definitely not work for people with cool undertones in their skin. Do you know Guerlain released the first ever Bronzer in the world in the year 1984 and the Terracotta ones is one among a cult Makeup Artist Favourite product of all time. Since 07 is dark, I generally use it at night time to accentuate my contour to give me a nice chiseled face and jawline (which I completely lack naturally!!). This product, however, does contain talc and alcohol and if you are sensitive to it, keep this in mind before purchasing since it is quite expensive. I got it from Dubai for AED 220, which was extortionately expensive but I love this product.

8) SLEEK Blush in Honour

Sleek is my favourite drugstore brand, EVER!!!! Their products are so, so good, very pigmented, affordable, good colour range, fantastic quality.. what not!!! I have been a Sleek fan for many, many years from the time I was living in the UK and I still continue to be fan. The only problem is the lack of availability here in India, and even if so, it comes for 3 times the price that you get in the UK, which is a total shame. Ah well!! Don't kill me for how it looks though!! I use it so, so, so much and still it has not even hit pan!

Now to get into this blush shade, my, my, my... just look at that colour my friends... just admire this shade... that little pan of gorgeousness!!!!!

Do you want to see it swatched?

***Breathing Profusely***

That is one pretty little shade isn't it... Imagine taking that shade on the tip of your brush and blending it right through your cheeks for that extra definition and glow!!!!!! It is indeed so, so beautiful beyond words and it really makes a golden/tan/yellow skin look lovely!!! I always carry this beauty in my makeup bag and I enjoy using it both during my day and night. These blushes from Sleek are so bloody-pigmented.. you just need a little bit on your brush. Now, don't kill me... This was LIMITED EDITION SHADE, unfortunately!!!! :( :(

I know that feeling when you want something and it is Limited Edition.. :(

Source: @muaproblems

This shade has a rose undertone to it with a perfect blend of bronze and gold, very warm toned. I use it very light handed during day time and even though it contains shimmer, it is not overwhelming. Love this stuff!!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading through my December Makeup Bag Favourites. Do let me know what you guys enjoyed using during the month of December as well.

Stay pretty and keep smiling my lovelies..

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