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All about concealers

In this blog, we are going to learn in makeup, something which is more confusing and an integral part of makeup routine. That is, Concealers. What are concealers, what are its uses? Lot of people are confused about concealers. So basically Concealers are strong pigmented product that hide the imperfections of our face. Just like foundation camouflage our face making the skin tone even, concealers are liquid with highly pigments.

If you know Malayalam, you can watch video tutorial in Malayalam here.

Why are we using this concealers?

We are using concealers majorly for 3 reasons

  • Hide pimples and their marks on our face.

  • Hide the pigmentation of our face.

  • Hide the dark circle under our eyes.

Apart from this, concealers have many purposes. We can use it as Primer, to camouflage the lip colour. But they are majorly used for the above three purposes.

Concealers are available in market in different formulas. The most commonly available concealers are Liquid Concealers as well as Cream Concealers.

Liquid concealers

Liquid concealers are sold in tubes. Its available in different brands and in different price range. When you open the tubes, you will find a wand, just like lip gloss wand. It's very liquid. Liquid concealers are also available in squeeze tubes. Tubes like this, should be squeezed to use. It's not like lip gloss wand, it's a brush. You can squeeze at the back of your hand and use or with this brush, you can directly apply.

Cream concealers

You can buy cream concealers in Palettes. Cream concealers are not liquidy, its cream and thick. Its highly pigmented for cream based concealers. It can be bought in palettes or singles.

We have other types of concealers also like Gel and Powder concealers.

As liquid and cream concealers are mainly available in Indian market, we are going to focus on liquid and cream concealers in this blog.

When we use concealer the most important thing we should know is that those who have dryness under the eye should always avoid cream concealers because cream concealers are very thick. Due to this thickness, it can become patchy under the eyes. So, preferably, use liquid concealers for those who have dryness under the eyes.

We recommend cream foundation only on pimples or on hyper pigmentation that too on the face area.

Likewise in the case of liquid concealers, use liquid concealers under the eyes and avoid pimple areas because in this pigment ratio is low. In cream, pigment ratio is more. The more pigment ratio the more it will conceal because the colour element is more. So the more colour the less product to be used. It can be applied in spots also.

Now, the majority of people's question regarding concealers is that which colour to be used. Whichever concealer you are using, it should exactly match your skin tone. It shouldn't be lighter or darker. Otherwise it will defeat the purpose of concealing and capture attention to it. Even it is one tone darker or lighter, it will draw attention towards it. We use concealer to conceal and mask a pimple or a pigmentation. If you alter the natural skin tone, it will draw attention. So always ensure, the concealer for your face should be exactly the skin tone. The concealer for below eyes, should be one tone lighter. So we generally recommend to carry two concealers in your makeup kit. Either buy same skin tone or buy one tone lighter. If you apply one tone lighter concealer below eye, it will become brighter.

We won't recommend applying lighter tone concealers because after sometime it will become ashy, grey and cakey. So use it lightly and you could always layer it. Apply makeup in small quantity and we can always layer up.

The last tip about concealer is that wherever you use concealer, always set it with some loose powder. Loose powder is not talcum powder. Makeup powder is yellow based or translucent powders which are available to buy. You can also buy powders in Palettes. In Palette, we get these tones of powder or you can buy them in singles also. Other than loose powders, you can also use compact powders. Always use powders in low pigment. With this, just damp it and wipe off remaining powder. You can use a brush to sweep off the excess. Then only it won't crease on your lines. Otherwise, after sometime it will crease on line and will crack.

These are tips for concealers and we hope this has been helpful. Next time when you go for buying concealers, keep these tips in mind.

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