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Why toners are important for skincare routines.

We lose a lot of water after washing and that’s why we put in moisturiser to seal the water in. so in reality, moisturiser will not do crazy things than acting like an occlusive. So why toners are important and what is their placement in our skincare routines?. You might have heard about astringents in the past which are meant for oily skin and they contained alcohol and they often dried your skin and eventually produce more oil to compensate. Modern toners are hydrating and they often used to balance skin’s PH and they don’t contain drying agents. If you look at the Korean ones they are

very hydrating and if used multiple layers you can get away with just toners.

So why is it important to use toners while using actives? Below is a short summary of different active toners and their benefits in a skincare routine. To put it simple acids can take the dead skin cells and promote regeneration without damaging the skin. So acid toners are used as they have a lighter consistency and I don’t feel heavy.

The Ordinary toners from Cult beauty

The ordinary cult beauty face Pal ( available in which will be of great help as it helps you to cut through the confusion and learn our pro secrets for how easy it can be to look fantastic every day – all without compromising your health! The length of the programme varies from 1 month to 6 months to ongoing programmes depending on the requirements of our clients. As part of the Face Pal programme, we mentor your face through our make up programmes, purchase the right products for you, get you treated through our panel of skin specialists and beauty experts so that you feel amazing and look like the best version of yourselves by developing a perfect skin and learning the right make up techniques. You can find more details of the Face Pal programme here - does glycolic, lactic and salicylic acid and they will not burn your pocket. To start , always start on lactic acid toner as they can be used on dry sensitive skin with less irritations and oily skin beauties can start with salicylic acid 2% max. Salicylic acid will help to break through oil while others don’t and helps with breakouts and oil. Similarly you can try a derivative of vitamin A ( retinol or retinoid ) for breakouts and cell turn over. When you use toners along with actives, the actives becomes more potent. Because all actives penetrate through water and goes down to cell membrane. To put it simple imagine brick and mortar wall, water and actives goes through these mortar part and not through bricks . That’s why it is important to use a hydrating toner right after washing your face and definitely after shower. You can use basic hydrating toners and when you do please check if there is alcohol content in them. If you use actives as toners you still need to use a hydrating toner as a follow up and that will definitely nourish your skin and keep it hydrated and more potent. Please remember to use sunscreen daily especially when you use actives. At the Face Palette, we have a program called

Pro tip: Apply first layer of hydrating toner with cotton pad. Wait till it dry. Take some on cleansed hand and pat it dry on your face the second layer. Wait few minutes and continue up to 7 layers or till you feel skin is hydrated enough . You don’t need to many products then.

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