Face Pal

Most of the women use traditional cosmetics that can cause damage to your skin, make you look older and cause breakouts, whereas there are healthy cosmetics out there which can support your well being, longevity and vitality. For majority of the women out there, it’s very confusing to decide on what products and services to invest as part of their makeup / skin routine as a number of new products and colours come out all the time and most of them have a dizzying array of chemicals hidden within the fine print.

This is where our flagship progamme, Face Pal, will be of great help as it helps you to cut through the confusion and learn our pro secrets for how easy it can be to look fantastic everyday – all without compromising your health! The length of the programme varies from 1 month to 6 months to ongoing programmes depending on the requirements of our clients. As part of the Face Pal programme, we mentor your face through our make up programmes, purchase the right products for you, get you treated through our panel of skin specialists and beauty experts so that you feel amazing and look like the best version of yourselves by developing a perfect skin and learning the right make up techniques.

If you have any of the below concerns, then Face Pal programme can be of tremendous benefit to you:


  • You have been using the same colours for your make up for years and now feel that you need a change.

  • You have never really been into makeup but thinks maybe it’s time to start doing something – you just don’t know where to start?

  • You consider yourself to be a healthy person, but find yourself overwhelmed at the idea of finding new cosmetics that are safe, natural, organic, and really work?

  • You try to be adventurous with your makeup and but somehow end up looking worse in the end?

  • You have a mish mash of cosmetics you’ve been hanging on to “just in case” – and you can’t seem to throw it out even though you’ve never had much success with the

  • You are tired of going to cosmetics counters only to be sold expensive things you don’t need, and walking away not having learned anything helpful for your lifestyle

  • You always find yourself pressed for time in morning and wish that you knew some quick tricks to help you look more polished and get on with your day

  • You are over “a certain age” and find that your usual makeup (or lack of makeup) is now making you look older.


By being part of the Face Pal programme, you get the following benefits.

  • Saving your time – You need not navigate your way through large number of websites and go through cosmetics aisles at stores to find the right products

  • Saving your money – Through our mentorship you will buy only the right products and therefore save huge amount of money a year on cosmetics and skin care that just don’t work for you

  • Feeling amazing – Being part of the programme will positively impact your beauty, features and health and thereby, make your feel awesome

  • Increasing confidence – Taking on the world in a newly empowered way and thereby attracting a even better life.

  • Feeling free – You feel to feel free as you clear out the clutter and get rid of old, useless products that don’t look good on you

  • Have value – By learning on how to spend your money on make up/ cosmetic products and knowing what products to spend money on, will help you buy products that fit your requirements well rather than buying products only due to hype.


By being part of the Face Pal progamme, you are taught to feel fantastic and be more confident by using make up which will help to showcase your best features with easy tricks so as to make to look fresh and beautiful.


So, have you finally decided to transform your skin and your beauty. Contact us NOW at 984 707 4073 or hello@facepalette.in or submit your request here to BOOK !



Client profile

The client is a very influential socialite from Kochi.  She had heard about Lekshmi Menon from a Malayalam actress, who was a client of Lekshmi Menon,  and therefore approached us for help as she had lost hope after seeking advice from number of experts for her problem


Business Need

The client has dark patches on the face which is technical terms is called extreme hyper pigmentation. She had this issue after her pregnancy. She had visited number of experts who were not only able to offer solution to the problem but was also not able to advise her correctly on concealing the problem by application of makeup. 



We worked out a 6 months programme which comprised of regular visit to our empanelled dermatologist and teaching makeup techniques. The visit to the dermatologist involved number of treatments to reduce the hyper pigmentation. The makeup techniques which were taught to the client through personalised makeup sessions ensured that the client need not come to us always to conceal her dark patches through makeup but would also be in a position to apply the makeup on her own to get the natural look.



The client’s skin improved significantly through the dermatology treatment and the client is still undergoing treatment with the dermatologist after completing our 6 month programme. The client has been able to strategically conceal those dark  patches in her face through our makeup techniques which gives a natural look to her face. She has been regularly complemented for her looks at various events and people have been raving about how different she looks compared to how she looked before