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Cannes 2016 and Bollywood !! - Sonam Kapoor in White Ralph and Russo Couture Review - Elegant or lik

Heylo my lovely beautiful people... Hope you are all enjoying and having a wonderful life. :) Thought I should certainly be doing a review for Sonam Kapoor's Cannes 2016 red carpet appearances and this time, as most of you may already know, she chose to wear Ralph and Russo both the times. Sonam was styled by her sister Rhea Kapoor. Here, I will be doing a review on her first red carpet appearance wearing a custom-made white Ralph and Russo Couture. This year at Cannes was even special for Sonam as her much-acclaimed film "Neerja" was in the Marche du Film at Cannes.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Ian Gavan

Disclaimer: Remember my lovely readers, I am a blogger and I do critique. I do not mean to hurt anybody or create negative vibes. I love being creative with Fashion and Makeup and as I say, there are no strict rules to it. Follow what your heart says and wear it with confidence. However, through a post as such and being a blogger, I put in constructive criticism in what could have been done better by the celebrities and what really stood out to me. I like to say positives as well as things that could have improved. So, if this is something that will hurt your feelings reading about your favourite celebrity, please do not continue... but remember, I will continue to love you ok. :) :)

Sonam Kapoor in White Ralph and Russo Couture

Image Credits: Getty Images / George Pimentel

Sonam Kapoor made her Cannes 2016 red carpet first appearance this year wearing a White Ralph and Russo Haute Couture which was custom made for her. She attended the screening of the film "Mal De Pierres" (From the Land of the Moon). My Thoughts: ATTIRE: Honestly, I was seriously looking forward to seeing Sonam this year on the red carpet and I really wanted her to do better than last year... and to be precise, when I saw her Ralph and Russo at the red carpet, it made me feel I transformed into 'The Mask' for a second... I went like...


Her attire was Saree-inspired and it was dramatic, beautiful and looked exquisite on the red carpet. I absolutely loved the gold detailing and embroidery all over, it made the dress look lovely, ethereal and shall I say, a bit overwhelming.


I loved the choker, but the one-shoulder cut off was not something I absolutely adored and felt it did not look as flattering on her arms. Overall, I loved loved loved her dress!! Sonam literally could carry it off very, very well.



If you didn't know, her personal makeup artist is Namrata Soni whom she took to Cannes to get her makeup done and, to be honest, she did a wonderful job on Sonam this year.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Ian Gavan

Her eyebrows were filled in with perfection and the deep brown shade used was beautiful and helped to frame her face very well. I loved that Namrata stuck to using Neutral tones on Sonam's face as it usually photographs well on her. I specifically loved the hint of gold tone wing half way through her eyeliner which can help to give a nice cat-eye effect. I also loved the inner corner highlight used on her eyes that made her face look brighter and eyes more open.

As for Sonam's lip colour, I love it when Namrata overdraws Sonam's lip line subtly. It does help to make her lips look fuller without giving it a Miranda Sings effect. (You want to know who is Miranda Sings... Check her YouTube channel... She is so damn hilarious!!)


On Sonam, Namrata used a nice neutral pink lipstick and the liner she used, matched it perfectly!! I loved the tone she used here for Sonam which has a slight hint of Coral undertone in it. Her lips did not look too matte nor too glossy and looked more like she has a Satin finish which looked perfect in all the pictures.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Alberto Pizzoli

Image Credits: Getty Images / Ian Gavan


Unlike last year, this year I felt Namrata did a wonderful job with Sonam's face makeup. The tones matched her really, really well and her contouring was done perfectly and did not make her look muddy.. unlike last year where her bronzer was just too muddy on her. Check my review from last year here.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Tristan Fewings

I loved the subtle use of a Coral toned blush. The highlighter was also done subtly without making it look too shiny on her.

The only critique is that, Sonam has lots of fine lines under her eyes. This is not a problem and it is totally normal considering the travel, shoot and schedule she usually has. However, this can be made to look less pronounced through more detox, hydration, eye packs and sleep. A very good under eye hydration cream is a MUST for Sonam and she needs to use something that has more copper peptides, hydroxy acids and retinol that can help plump up her skin more. The problem with having too many fine lines is that, concealers will tend to crease which can make the lines look more pronounced on camera. I know everybody has fine lines... I do too.. but there are ways in which you can make it look less visible.


Image Credits: Getty Images / Alberto Pizzoli

I have always been a big fan of her hair. I loved the texture of her hair, the warm tones she uses to highlight and the wave and body it has and this year also, her hair looked absolutely perfect. No flaws at all! The center parting of the hair gives her a nice youthful vibe and the slight waves helps to face her face beautifully.


Image Credits: Getty Images / Alberto Pizzoli

I loved the Accessories Sonam selected this year for her look as well. I also loved her Nail art which matched her outfit perfectly. Her paired her outfit with a beautiful and exquisite ring from Chopard which matched the outfit to perfection.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Comments: Overall I loved Sonam's Ralph and Russo outfit this year and the makeup, accessories and hair that went with it. It complimented the whole look and brought it together. There were several criticisms online that compared Sonam's outfit to a Rumali Roti...


Nevertheless, I absolutely adored her choice!! Her makeup was on point and the tones used blended well with her outfit. I loved her hair and her accessories and felt very proud that she represented India so well once again at Cannes this year. Kudos to the team behind her... Her sister Rhea and Namrata, her makeup artist.

I totally look forward to her looks next year...

Until next time,

Stay pretty and keep smiling !

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