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Knock, Knock! Take a Sneak Peak into my Makeup Bag Favourites October 2016 | Makeup Beauty Blog

Hello lovely Angels,

The month of October literally flew for me. I was very, very occupied with my business, lots of travel and my brother-in-law's wedding that is coming up in December. Not that I have loads of work for the wedding, but yes, dress selection, stitching, figuring our designs and patterns etc take a lot of time. Moreover, here in India, before every wedding, we get our houses painted and that took a lot of time to figure out colour schemes and so.


Since I have revamped my entire blog, I was very excited to add a 'Knock, Knock! Take a Sneak Peak into my Makeup Bag Favourites' segment which I will be updating every month for my lovely followers.

Let me start off with my Sneak Peak to my Makeup Bag for the month of October.

1) NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer - Biscuit

I mean come on, how can we ever keep a concealer away from a makeup kit ! NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer has been my cult favourite from the past 2.5 years and I absolutely love, love, love it !! This month, I had a lot of stress breakouts on my face and this baby literally helped me hide every one of those little zits I got. Don't get me wrong, concealers cannot hide skin texture change from zits but it can camouflage the colour and this medium-coverage little tube did the magic for me !! This colour is very close to my skin tone so I particularly do not use it for highlighting. I use this baby over my dark circles, blend it well and then go over it with a lighter highlighting pen. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this concealer!! Just so you know, I use the shade 'Biscuit'.

2) CHANEL Poudre Belle Mine Naturelle - LES BEIGES

I have been carry this little charm in my makeup bag this entire month. I got introduced to this Chanel Powder close to 3 years back and I have always loved using it. This powder is not cakey and is quite sheer to be honest, which I do love for my makeup bag. The tone is perfect for my skin and what more, it has SPF 15 in it, which is fabulous to carry around in hot humid weather.

3) SLEEK Contour Kit in MEDIUM

Sleek is one of ultimate favourite drugstore brands out there and this contour kit has been one of my cult favourite from many, many years since the time I started living in the UK and I still love it in spite of returning back to India. I restock it all the time because it hits pan like CRAZZZZY and the best thing about this is, unlike most palette where there would be one or more stuff that does not work for you, here I love both the contour and the highlighter shades. Both are PERFECT for Indian skin tone. The contour shade is not muddy or too red and the highlighter is perfect without making you look like a disco ball. You can very well see the DENT on my Palette right.. ;)

4) MAC Lipstick in PLUMFUL

Now this is one shade I did not expect to carry around much in the month of October.. Usually it is more like Lime Crime Wicked or MAC Diva / Media kind of shades with that little bit of edginess, vamp and gothic touch. This is one of those lipsticks I kind of re-discovered while browsing through my lippie collection few weeks back and then I was like.. Oh, I forgot about this one !! I wore this lipstick and carried it around so much this month, it is insane. This is a Lustre finish from MAC, which is particularly not my favourite, but then, this one I LOVE !! MAC's official website descibes the shade as a 'Blossoming Rose-Plum' which is really true. The shade looks like a light plum on my skintone and I usually pair it with a plum lipliner from Barry M. This shade is perfect for both Day and Night and it was stagnant in my makeup bag this whole month !!

In India: Buy it here

In UK: Shop it here in India


Oh I have literally spoken about this pretty shade of lipgloss in my YouTube 'Chatty' video 'Descriptive Guide to a Beginner's Makeup Kit'. Honestly, I am not really a lipgloss kind of girl. Maybe I was like a decade ago, but today, I am more a lipstick kind of girl but this is one shade I kind of again 're-discovered' couple of weeks back. I totally love, love, love this shade and it goes really well with Tan skintone beauties. It has the perfect amount of purple, plum, pink and a tinge of brown as well. This month I have been using MAC Plumful all over my lips and using this lipgloss on the centre and to be honest, I have been digging that look lately. This lipgloss can be wore just like that during day as well but make sure you have your hair away from your face. I hate it when hair gets stuck on your lipgloss.. its like EW!

6) NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil

My skin is particularly very dry and I love to moisturise and oil myself every now and then. This tiny piece of beauty has been in my makeup kit not just this month but the past few months. I LOVE this dry oil so much. I use it on my hands, arms, my knuckles, my elbow and also on my neck. The smell is sooooo soothing and not over-powering at all but it does its job so 'DAYM' well.

7) VASELINE Healthy Hands Handcream

I enjoy using a handcream all the time. It makes my hands feel soft and moisturised especially because I naturally have very, very dry hands. This Vaseline Healthy Hands is just AMAZING that I picked from the drugstore. It is cheap, moisturising and smells so nice. Perfect for a beauty kit to be carrying around in a girl's purse. LOVE this stuff !!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading through my October Makeup Bag Favourites. Do let me know what you guys enjoyed using during the month of October as well.

Stay pretty and keep smiling my lovelies..

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