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Skincare Tip 1 - Cleansing | Makeup Beauty Blog

Hello Nuggets...

Today I have a Skincare Cleansing tip for you all. Cleansing your face is very important to clear the skin of excess sebum, dirt, grime and traces of makeup. It can help your makeup to penetrate better, your skincare products to work better and also to help your skin retain its youthfulness.

It is also important to note that your cleansing routine work for your skin type and to change it according to the season and how your skin is responding to it. As I always say, remember to listen to what your skin is saying and respond to it accordingly.

Source of the pic used in the edit: Internet search engines,copyright with respective owners. Shared only for information

Hope you love reading such tiny wee tips...

Keep checking the blog for more...

I will be uploading many more... so keep checking and stay tuned Honeybears!

Stay pretty and keep smiling! :D

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