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Makeup Tip 1 - Lip Liner | Makeup Beauty Blog

Hello my lovelies

I have posted for you today, few lip liner rules. If you are somebody who is not much into wearing them, then let me tell you, you are missing out. ;) I personally adore wearing a lip liner and i feel it absolutely changes my whole look. I wear a lip liner irrespective of which colour I choose as lipstick, be it nudes or brights or darks. Sometimes i just like to wear a lip liner on its own.

Lip liner wedding pic

Here are some tips for you all that you should know about lip liners:

Pic courtesy: Richard Antony Photography for my wedding

Lipliner application

Pic courtesy: Richard Antony Photography for my wedding

These particular pics of mine was taken during my wedding... Awww, it was such a wonderful day in my life! I remember it like yesterday!

First timers, always follow your natural lip line. Even if you wish to overdraw, don't go OVERBOARD! LOL! Do a wee bit here and there... and do it only if you are confident enough to wear it.. and make sure you draw symmetrical on either side. You don't want to go outside with a crooked lip line... :D

Hope this was helpful to you my friends. If you have any any any questions at all, do message me down below or through my FB page and I shall help you out in the best way possible. :)

Keep smiling and stay pretty my lovelies!

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