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7 Skincare and Makeup tips for Mature Women.

Worried about makeup for your aged skin? Here are some skincare and makeup tips for Matured women.

Our skin becomes dry as we age. Likewise, as we age we get fine lines, wrinkles and texture will become more visible. Skin properties will change, sagging will be there and skin collage will break. So such people cannot apply makeup as we normally do.

For aged women, we have to be careful with skin preparation due to skin dryness. You need to have a consistent CTM Routine that is Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing routine which is very important.

Here are seven tips from Makeup Guru Lekshmi Menon, on important things to be done when you are doing makeup for mature skin.

1) Sheet Mask and Jade Roller

For the upcoming big event, say one day before, at night, use Sheet Mask. Sheet Mask will hydrate your skin and increase your blood stimulation. If you stimulate your skin, it will automatically increase your blood stimulation. It is very important to get a healthy glow for your skin. Nowadays, in the market, we get a product called Jade Roller. Using Jade Roller, if we lift the skin and roll it which will help to promote blood circulation. This is good especially for people with mature skin.

2) Moisturise

We have to moisturize your skin before makeup, but always avoid heavy thick creams especially if you live in a hot place. Use a lightweight moisturizer to prep the skin. There is a fine barrier between oily skin and hydrated skin. The makeup should not have an oily finish as well as it should not be dry. So hydrating the skin is the key element.

3) Liquid Foundation

Use a liquid foundation. It is very good, preferably, light to medium coverage. Don't use a foundation with too much coverage.

4) Satin Finish Foundations

We have to be careful and try to get satin finish foundations. Satin finish foundations are not too dry as well as not too oily. If it is a drying matt finish foundation, it will crease on the wrinkles. And if it is oily, it will start to shine making wrinkles more visible. So it is very important to find the fine line between both. It should not be dry and it should not be oily.

5) Concealer

Don't overuse concealers under your eyes especially when we have wrinkles. For those who have crow's feet wrinkles, don't apply your concealer too much because that will have crease there.

6) Compact Powder

Don't overuse the compact powder or any kind of powder on the skin. The reason is that the powder will absorb the moisture from the skin. So the overuse of the powder will make the skin extremely matt and also make the skin very dry. For mature skin, people naturally have dry skin and if we use too much powder it will absorb whatever moisture is left.

7) Drawing the Eyes

Always be careful with the eyes. Those who are not in the habit of drawing eyes, and if they have drawn the eyes, it feels like they have overdone it. Otherwise just apply Mascara and curl it. Let it look elegant. Especially when we age, our lid space will come down and our skin will automatically sag becoming hooded eyes. It will make the eyes look smaller and give an effect of overdone.

We hope these tips have been useful, If you are looking to get your makeup done in Kerala from Face Palette Makeup Angels or if you are interested to learn makeup artistry from Lekshmi Menon, please do get in touch with us at 9847074073

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