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2 Tips to take care of Dry and Chapped lips during rainy season

It's rainy season and one of the problems which we face is dry and chapped lips.

These are 2 tips to take care of dry and chapped lips.

1) Exfoliate.

Lip will have dryness, dead cells, so exfoliation is very compulsory. Always take the dead cells out and moisturize it. It is basically using a scrub. When you use a scrub, don't use grainy or gritty products. It should be gentle. It is only for removing dead cell.

For those who have dry lips but not too much of chapped lips, a home remedy is to use powdered sugar with olive oil, honey and a small quantity of lime juice. This is for those who don't have the citrus allergy. Mix it like a scrub and scrub it daily after brushing your teeth. It removes the dead cell, increases the blood flow and plumps up.

There are also lot of lips scrubs available in the market in many flavours. These are sugar scrubs. You can also use salt but many are uncomfortable with it. Our preference is sugar. Sugar can moist your lips and increase blood flow. So sugar is always recommended than salt. Sugar scrubs are available in many flavours. Peach flavour, mango flavour, vanilla flavour, coconut flavour and many flavours are available. Some lips scrubs are edible. You can eat it; you don't have to wipe it off. These are made naturally with powdered sugar like bubblegum flavour. If you buy them and scrub it daily after brushing the teeth, it will remove the dead cells on our lips helping to maintain it soft and supple. Likewise, for pigmented lips, over time, increase in the blood flow reduce the pigmentation.

2) Moisturize

After exfoliating, we should moisturize the lips. Vaseline is a good moisturizer but it has mineral oil and it won't get absorbed by lips. So, it is better to use Shea butter, cocoa butter, Vitamin E infused lip balms. Lip balms with olive oil, coconut oils are also available which is also good. Likewise, flavoured lip balms are also available at affordable rates which is natural and organic. We will get lip oils to buy. Lip oils has infused Vitamin E and also flavoured. Vitamin E infused oils are very helpful so definitely pick it up.

Hope these 2 tips will help you to take care of your dry and chapped lips during the rainy season

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