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How To Do A Classic Black and Brown Smokey Eye: Easy Video Guide

Have you always asked yourself the following questions "Why is it called smokey eyes?"

It is called Smokey Eyes because from a dark colour, it will smoke out a feathering light colour. This feathering effect is what we call Smokey Eye.

This blog is a guide to do a classic Black and Brown Smokey Eye. For the smokey eye, classic colours are black and brown. But you can incorporate different colour in different ways to do smokey eyes. The classic smokey eye is a very sophisticated look which will suit everyone. This look will be never out of fashion and will suit everyone, everywhere and for whatever outfit. And it can make any eye shape look very beautiful. Smokey eyes will suit any eye shape. It depends on the angle at which you take. There is a misunderstanding that eyes will look smaller when you do smokey eyes. In fact, if you do smokey eyes and blend it correctly, it will make your eyes bigger because colours will disperse beautifully. It won't be a Smokey Eye if we apply just a black or brown colour.

In Smokey Eyes, the most important element is the transition. The gradients of different colours used in the Smokey Eyes is from dark to light. The transition in them is very important. For that, you have to be perfect in blending skills. You should have an ability to blend beautifully and to handle the brush.

First, take a tape. You can use the tape of your choice. Stick the tape at the back of your palm of the hand which will reduce the glue. Talking about the eyes, for someone who has wide up eyes that have a gap between eyes, that is eyes where eyes are bit in the back, this method of sticking tape won't suit them. This transition for people with eyes apart or with some gap between eyes will get an effect of more gap between the eyes. So this method should not be used by the people with eyes apart.

Stick the tape under the lashes at an angle. Stick the tape for both the eyes.

Take a mirror and a Kajal pencil. Kajal pencil is black and pigmented pencil. Dot along the crease line to identify the crease line. Next, fill up completely. You can also use a Gel Liner or Black Eye shadows or Cream Eye shadows for the base. As everyone usually has a Kajal pencil, that is why we are opting this method. Next, take some brown, any kind of lighter brown and blend this on the crease. Then we should place the black eye shadow on the lid. The Kajal will be a nice base for getting the black colour. Place the black thickly but be careful not to go on the crease. Black should go only along where its marked. And again, take a little bit of brown for transition and a little bit of orange colour, blend it thoroughly. Blending is very important for Smokey Eyes. It is the blending that will make your eyes Smokey Eyes.

Now pull off the tape and we get a nice cut. The tape was stuck for getting the cut or for getting the angle. Apply the same technique to the other eye. Blend both sides thoroughly and we get a nice angle when we removed the tape. Apply concealer and set the concealer with the powder under the eyes. Next, smoke the eyes below. With a Kajal, blend below the eyes. First, just draw a line. Draw it heavy below the eyes. And then with a small tipped pencil brush, take some brown and tap off the excess. Not too much. Just blend it thoroughly and smoke it. Eyeliner has been drawn and tight line of the eyes that is applied kajal on the water line.

Now the eyes are very intense and dramatic. It has smoked beautifully from black to brown. That is very important for Smokey Eyes. Likewise, apply some bronzer for the cheeks and some highlighter as well. You can apply any highlighter of your choice. If you like gold, you can apply gold highlighter or silver or whatever you like, you can apply. Pair this look with a nude lipstick. So applying a brown lip liner and filling the lips with a nude Lipstick and a nude gloss as well. Then, apply Mascara and put on the lashes. You don't have to learn how to put lashes right now. If you like, you can put lashes or otherwise curl your lashes with Mascara. If you notice actresses, let's say, in Bollywood Rani Mukherjee always puts up this look. It is a classic look. So definitely try it. Practice is a key element for this. Definitely try it out and then do let us know..

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