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10 Essentials for Beginners Makeup kit

10 Essentials for Beginners Makeup kit

In this blog, we share 10 main essential makeup items which is required in a Beginner's makeup kit.

1. Foundation

Foundation should be of the colour that suits us. Remember, we need only one foundation. We don't need many foundations. You need only one foundation that matches your skin tone and skin type. When applied, foundation must be natural and should not be heavy or cakey or ashy. You must have a foundation that matches your skin tone in your kit. That is the first item.

2. Concealers.

Different types of concealers are available in market. You can use any concealer of your choice. You can use liquid concealers if it suits your skin to camouflage the dark circles under your eyes. If you have blemishes, you can camouflage with the help of concealers. So one should always have concealers with them. Plenty of liquid concealers are available in market. You can buy any of your choice. That is the second item.

3. Powder

We should always set the concealer with powder. You can buy loose powder which is yellow in colour. Or you can buy compact powder. Compact powders are available in market. It must be transparent, that is, there should not be any colour element otherwise it should be yellow based. Only then, it will suit our skin. Always set the concealer with the powder.

4. Eyeliner

In our Indian culture, if we don't use eyeliner we get an empty feeling. There should be one Kajal pencil with everyone. Kajal pencils are not expensive. Its available in quality brands in affordable rates. It is better to be waterproof because in hot climate it will be long-lasting. If it is a Kajal, it can be used on upper part and lower part of the eyes. We get Gel liners also. Those who likes Gel liners can use them and those who likes liquid liners can also use them. We should always have an Eyeliner with us. Likewise, its ok to draw upper part of eyes without drawing the lower part. But never draw your lower part of the eyes without drawing upper part, then your eyes look smaller. Lighter draw on the upper part of your eyes or draw on both upper and lower part of your eyes.

5. Eyebrow kit.

There are so many products available in market for Eyebrows. If you buy Eyebrow kit, it will contain both cream and powder otherwise it will contain only powder. Brow pencils are available. Be careful that you go for dark brown or dark grey.

6. Eyeshadow Palette.

We need only a basic Eyeshadow Palette. Eyeshadow palette with Neutral tones which will suit our skin tone are available in market. You can use any palette of any brand with these colour tones. We get plenty of these palette in market. With one palette, we can do multiple looks. In your kit, you need only one palette and not many.

7. Blush.

Everyone knows that in our natural skin tone, we don't get much flush of colour. So we should have at least one blush tone. We generally advise pink colour or coral colour. This will suit majority of the skin tone. You don't have to buy expensive ones. You will get nice blush from ordinary brands in Indian market. You can buy them accordingly. If you have this colour, it will go with many looks. As soon as you put the blush, naturally you get a nice flush of colour. We don't need too much, just a bit.

8. Mascara

Even if we didn't use eyeliners, we should put Mascara. We have lot of Mascara available in market. Its endless. From affordable rate to expensive ones. You can buy affordable one. With the Mascara, apply to the upper lashes as well as lower lashes we get a look that our eyes are wide open. If you are in a hurry and have no time to do eyeliner, just put the Mascara alone.

9. Lip liners

The main reason for putting Lip liners is that, it’s a creamy base and thus give an even tone for those who have pigmentation. It also helps Lipstick to last longer. For your Makeup kit, these are the basic colours that matches our skin tone. Like a pinky brown. You need any of 2 or 3 pencils in your kit, these type of colours; Pinky brown or plummy colour. These colours can be used for different looks. These colours will help for different looks. So, these types of Lip liners will go with many Lipsticks.

10. Lipsticks

Lots of lipsticks are available in market but we always recommend for one pink Lipstick. Definitely, buy one pink lipstick. Wear it when you go to the office in the morning, teachers can wear it to the schools or colleges, for college going students. It matches many. Don't buy light pinks because it won't compliment your skin tone. If possible, you can buy a pink palette. If you can have lipsticks of pinkish colours or a palette, your kit will fulfill everything for a basic neutral makeup. With these colours, you can do different looks like functions or for just going out.

So this will be your 10 essential items in Beginners Makeup Kit. First Foundation, second Concealer, third is a Powder, fourth is an Eyeliner, fifth is an Eyebrow kit, sixth is an Eye shadow Palette, seventh is a blush colour, eighth is a Mascara, ninth is a Lip liner and tenth is a Lipstick.

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