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How to create a Reception Party look.

Many have weddings to attend, reception, parties to attend. So today we are going to teach you a makeup routine which you can use when you go for a Reception as a guest and you are wearing a traditional outfit like an anarkali or a lengthy gown. . We are going to show you what type of makeup routine goes with this outfit.

Firstly, as always cleanse your skin, then tone it and then moisturize it. After moisturizing, wait for 5 minutes. Then take some silicone based primer. There are many transparent primers. Apply this silicon based primer, especially people with oily to combination skin. People with dry skin do not need this primer. They only need to moisturize. We are applying primer so that makeup will last full night in hot weather, or in hall between lights when we are waiting to get on the stage to see the couple, the makeup should not melt off. For this reason we are using silicon primer. After that, put the base. Apply foundation, concealer and powder. These are the base of our makeup. Apply heavy foundation. Same colour but heavy foundation because it is a night event, going to the reception as a guest, so you can apply two layers of foundation. But ensure that we should apply foundation that matches with your skin tone. Then apply the concealer and set it with powder. Fill the eyebrows naturally. Now apply eyeshadow, applying eye shadow is not a complicated routine for today because we are not using extremely complicated colours. We are wearing a blue and coffee colour combination. Today, we are using a nice lip colour. Even if no one knows to apply eyeshadow, everyone knows to apply lipstick. Today we are going to put some neutral colours for the eyes.

With the blending brush, we are taking some browny colour and applying it on the transitional. We should use a matt colour. We should not apply shimmery products on our crease. So take some transition colour or browny colour. This is a neutral colour. This eyeshadow colour very well suits our Indian skin. Blend nicely through the crease line. Repeat this on the other eyes as well. You get a pinky tone. But we have not taken it further inside. Take it only half way. Repeat the same for the other eye also. Blend some pink over the outer corner of the eyelid. With the same brush, take some black colour. When you give black, be careful not to be like it is painted. Black is a tricky colour. Just take a small amount of black and smoke it on the outermost corner. Now it has become a smoked dimensional look. Next, taking the same black and blending it here also. So, the black is blended nicely. Next, with a flat brush take a nice golden colour. The golden colour that matches with the work of the dress. If it is shimmery, it will be pretty for night parties. Applying it in the front, inner most part. You can see there is a good transition between the gold and other colours. It is very important in Eye Makeup that there must be synchronisation between colours. If there is no synchronisation between the colours, Eye Makeup won't look pretty. So it is very important. This routine is for night parties which is a pretty look. Repeat the same thing over the other eye also. Then draw with a eyeliner, a simple one without any wings. Contouring is not a compulsory thing. If you like it and you know to do it, you can do it. It is not compulsory. Don't do extreme contouring, especially for daylight events. For shoot, yes. Otherwise extreme contouring can look very muddy.

Next is a compulsory thing which is Blush. Taking some berry colour with a brush, tap off the excess and apply it. We are applying Blush to bring the colour of flesh on the skin. So apply blush on both sides nicely. At the same time, next we are going to apply highlighter. Taking some golden tone highlighter and applying it on just above the apples and on the cheekbones. So the highlight of the evening is the lipstick colour. We are applying a darker colour, a marony colour. Normally a Diva or a sophisticated lady wears dark maroon or burgundy colours. It is a pretty colour for a night party. It also suits any outfit. Today we are applying such a colour.Taking a dark berry lip liner, deep purply colour and just filling with it. Next take a deeper burgundy lipstick. We are applying this darker colour. Next take a lip brush and then apply it evenly. The application should be even, neat and precise when you apply dark colour lipstick. Don't apply it as a smudgy colour. The lines must be very sharp and with precision. If the lines are here and there, there will not be any neatness especially when you apply dark lipsticks. So you have to be careful about that. So the lipstick application is finished. Next with a Makeup setting spray, we can set the face. Close your eyes and set. Allow it to dry. Put the other accessories to finish the look

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