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Brown Skin Demo Makeup Tutorial | Lekshmi Menon FRSA | Face Palette

We are here today with an interesting makeup tutorial for brown skin. When we usually talk with many beauticians and makeup artists, they generally would say when this skin tone bride comes they would be sleepless, say before 1 week because they don't know how to do the makeup with this skin tone. There is also a misconception that makeup won't suit for people with this type of skin tone. But makeup looks absolutely beautiful for people with this skin tone. We think only fair people or whitish people or extremely cool people that is people with cool tone like pinkish skin tone suits makeup which is a misconception. Many think that “my skin is black and makeup won't suit me”. It's Indian skin tone. Indians are known for this kind of skin tone. A tan, warm, brown skin tone are of Indians. We will show you how to makeup this type of skin tone.

Everyone tries to make this skin tone fairer when doing the makeup. Don't try to make this skin tone people fair. When we try to make this skin tone fair, they won't turn fair but turns to an unpleasant tone. In makeup artistry, it is called Ashy look. Ashy look is a con or negative aspect in Makeup Artistry. We should never make anyone look ashy after makeup. This is a bad thing and gives a negative remark when your foundation becomes ashy. We should understand the skin tone for makeup. We are not talking about any Bridal routine today. For bridal routine, it has some more concepts, some more theories, some more science to study. We are going to show you is skin prep, simple eye makeup, how to define eyebrows.

Firstly, we have cleansed the skin. To cleanse properly is a very important aspect before starting Makeup. Another important thing is to wash our hands too. Our hands should be clean. So using a sanitizer, we have to sanitize the hands. Just sanitize your hands. We should approach any client's face with clean hands. You should not approach any clients with dirty hands. You need your hands to be clean first. If there is kajal, eyeliner or pottu, remove it. It should be a clean face; a clean canvas. Don't use cleansing milk now. Some beauticians use cleansing milk, don't do all that. There is no need for all that.

The next step is, with a hydrating toner we are going to hydrate. With a hydrating toner, spray it in a distance to prep the skin. This routine is very important. Before working with any skin, you should prep the skin. In makeup artistry, without prepping there will be no finishing for the makeup and it won't last longer also. Don't wipe it with cotton or cotton pads or tissues. You have to give time for skin absorption. So you have to let it rest. If you give the skin 5-10 minutes, the hydrating tonners will be absorbed by the skin. The skin will become a plumb and hydrated. So let it rest for 5-10 minutes. If you like you can sit under a fan or AC so that you can give a relaxation effect for 5+10 minutes. Close your eyes and just relax.

Now the skin is hydrated, next, we have to nourish the skin. Hydration and nourishment are very important when you do makeup. Skin hydration means increasing the water content of the skin. Nourishing means increasing moisture or oil content. So you have to nourish your skin. If there is no nourishment in the skin, when we do the makeup the skin will start absorbing the water and oil content from the makeup and the makeup will come off. You have to be careful about that. It has a lot of science. To be brief, you have to hydrate and nourish your skin.For this process, we call it Skin Prepping or Prepping your skin in Makeup artistry. So we have given hydration and now nourish the skin. Squalenes are plant-derived. Squalenes are good nourishment for normal to dry skin people. If you didn't get squalenes you can use any good moisturizer of your like. You can also use oils. If you like oils, you can use good oils too. You can use oils like marula oils. Marula oils are very good for people with dry skin. We are applying the squalene. Squalenes are not available everywhere. If you get squalene, it is good. We are going to nourish the skin properly. We are applying few drops it on the face. After dropping the oil with the fingers, just push it into the skin. Squalene has already been absorbed. It has been absorbed to nowhere. So applying some more. Now we will get an apt glow. This glowing element is very important when you prep the skin for any client. We are taking the same squalene and applying it on the neck. So ensure that you will apply it for the client's neck as well. The skin will plump up. Whenever you do makeup, you should prep the skin first.

Now we will be talking about Base Makeup. Always, when you go to a shop to buy foundations or any other products, everyone looks for a foundation that will make you fair. No, you should always buy your foundation that matches your tone. We don't do makeup overly. Makeup Artistry is how to even out with what you are and what skin tone you have. That is the reason brands are launching 40 and 50 and 60 shades of foundations after research and development. So that a makeup artist could always work with the client's skin tone. Here, we are doing makeup for normal to dry skin. We prepped the skin. Now we are doing to do the base. There is no need to do the base heavily. You can do it as comfortable as you are. If it is a bridal routine or a shoot, you must do it heavy. But now we are going for a natural makeup routine. First, we are going to analyze the skin tone. Here we have warm undertone skin. Warm undertone skin means that skin has more yellow and brown elements. That skin tone is called a warm undertone skin tone. So we are going to do the base with a glowing element because the skin is glowing and it should project the beautiful skin. We are going to do a Satin to dewy finish makeup.

Taking the palette and spatula, we are using stick foundations. In India, a lot of good stick foundations are available. What we are going to do is that we have taken the stick foundations that suit skin. We are going to scrap the foundations to the palette with the spatula. Then we are using a little bit of other colour. Just take these foundations in the palette. We have scrapped the stick foundations to the palette and then we are going to take a thinner, that increases the absolute fluidity for foundations. We have poured it in it and just going to mix it up for increasing its fluidity. We are also going to increase the glow elements for the skin by adding some illuminating primer. We are also going to add some squalene. This is the base concoction we have prepared. We are going to blend this to the face using a beauty blender sponge. We have wet the sponge and squeezed it nicely that made it more bouncy. With the spatula, we are dotting it on the face. And then take your beauty blender and start blending it.

When you see this base on the face, skin is glowing like wax because we have nourished and prepped the skin and also added illuminating primer. This is how we stipple and apply the base. Apply the foundation on the neck also. Now we are going to do is Concealer. Concealers remove the dark circles under your eyes. We have to use a cream or a liquid concealer. Don't use the concealer which is in a pot. It will crease under your eyes and sometimes makes that area oily also. We are going to use a little bit of warm concealer. Squeezing and taking warm concealer and then taking a little bit of brightening concealer. Blending the two nicely.

Next, we are going to draw a triangle shape under the eyes and fill the triangle. Next, with the beauty blender's pointed area, just going to blend it. This is for brightening this area and also glitter. This brightening is very important because it removes the dark circles. But when you apply concealer under your eyes, it will make your eyes smaller and it is normal. It will be smaller till we draw the eyes. You do the same routine to the other side also, draw a triangle and remove the dark circles under the eyes. If there are more dark circles, you will have to apply concealer little heavier. The central portion should always be bright. So take the same concealer, just apply a little bit on the middle of forehead, a little bit on the nose, a little bit on the cupid bow and a little bit on the chin. Just in the central portion and then blending it with the sponge. So we have applied the foundation and concealer. To set it, using powder. We have taken a Pointed Kabuki brush and a compact powder, taking some pressed banana powder. Don't take more. Just a little. Tap off the excess and just apply. Don't take too much. If you use powder too much, it will give you a heavy and cakey look.

What we are going to do now is giving dimensions to the face. We applied the foundation to even the skin tone and to brighten, not to be the tone of pigmentation. Whatever is our naturally inborn undertone, we should use that foundation shade. When we apply the foundation, what happens is we will lose the dimensions of our face which is very very normal. We will lose the line and shadows of our skin. We have to bring back what is lost. Then only our face will have lines, shadows, and such other elements. The method which we give the shadows is called Contouring. Here in our place, the word cutting is used often for this like nose cutting, cheek cut, chin cut, etc. But we don't need these nose cut, cheek cut, chin cut in real life. We don't need all that. For shooting, we do contouring like that. What we are going to do is to give dimensions to the face. Another thing we have to be careful about is that when you do contouring, the contouring products should not be shimmery and it should be Matte. So you should always use Matte products. Now we are going to give the face a Chiseled Contour. We are not doing any extreme contouring like cream contouring. We are just going to give a natural contour.

Take a contouring palette and it has multiple colours. We are going to use a darker tone but not extremely dark because here we have a chocolate colour skin tone. So contouring should be only 2 tones darker. First going to give a powder contour and then a matte contour. Take the powder contour and tap off the excess and apply. Next going to chisel the cheekbones. The upper part comes up and the lower part gets an appeal. This is what happens when we do contouring. The same thing,we are going to do on the other side also. We just contoured the cheekbones and now here we have a lengthy forehead. So just contouring the upper part of the forehead also. It should not be extremely dark. It should never look like pigmentation. There is a cleft chin. So just enhancing the cleft. Contouring it. Then just contouring the jawline. Next, what we are going to do is applying the blush. We are applying blush to show the aspect of blood flow for the skin. We are going to take a blush which synch

ronizes with this look. We have a matte blush. I have avoided shimmery blushes because matte blushes are versatile. You apply blushes very subtle. You should be careful that you don't apply it darkly. So taking the two colours and tapping off the excess. Apply the blush just above the contour.

Next we are taking a fluffy brush and taking a warm gold tones highlighters. Applying it on the above cheekbones which are appealing so that light can bounce. Highlighting these areas. This is what we called giving dimensions. We have given shadow, colour, and light. Lights will come when we highlight. For that, we are giving these 3 aspects on our face. We have finished the dimensions on the face. Next, we will move on to lip liner. Here we don't have any white patches on the lip. Just filling the lip with a liner. So we are going to use a berry colour. Berry colour liners are very pretty on deeper skin tones. With the berry colour, we are giving lines and filling the lips. We are going to give a nude lip and so fill with a wine colour and with a brown lipliner drawing the corners so that the lips get a dimension. Next, we are going to give a gloss. It's a nude lipstick gloss. It is glossy but it's quite pigmented. Just applying it from the middle of the lips and turning to nude lips.When doing makeup, we didn't change anything but enhanced features. We retained the skin's beauty and glow element..

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