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Makeup Artists Secret Tips | Lekshmi Menon FRSA

Everyone has a curiosity about Makeup Artistry. Those who like makeup, often have thoughts like what are the things Makeup artists will be using, what are the tips and tricks with Makeup Artists. All the time they will have these kinds of inquisitiveness or curiosity. It is always a question that what are the small tricks with them. So we are here to teach you some tricks used by professional makeup artists who are recognized internationally.

First tip is that makeup artists use is that layering cream and then powder. This is an important tip because we are living in a YouTube world. Many tips and tricks are shown on YouTube. It is also confusing when you watch YouTube because different people tell differently. This tip is used by those who are professional and work in this field to make your makeup last longer, even in Hollywood. You always layer cream products. Only after using cream products, they use powder products. It is important to learn the layering the formulations on the skin. For that, you have to be careful about that only after using cream products, use the powder products. For example, if you have a cream blush, apply it first, only after that you set your makeup with powder. We don't use cream products on top of powder products. It will roll up and sometimes it can roll off the face. So the very important professional tip number one is always layer cream products first and then on the top layer with the powder products.

MUA is the short form for Makeup Artists. The important 2nd tip used by MUA is shimmer blushes. Most of the Professional Makeup Artist do not like to use shimmer blushes. Because the dimension of the face reduces when we use shimmer blushes. After using shimmer blush and then applying highlighter will give your face a disco ball like look. It will be a very glitzy and oily look. Especially the Makeup artist who works on the camera does not like this dewiness, shimmer and oiliness because it will have a sweaty look. For Bridal, it is ok but if you take makeup artists who work for the camera, they don't use shimmery products, instead they use matte products or satin products. If you are having any shoot or something, avoid shimmery blush and use matte products. They are available in palette and if there are any shimmer blushes, try and use it as eyeshadow. You can use the shimmer blushes as an eyeshadow. You can multi-use the products. In makeup artistry, there are no head and stud rules. There are principles. Once you start working, you can incorporate multi-task different products in different ways, you can use a different product for multi-use. So tip number 2 is to avoid use of too much shimmery blushes.

The third tip by MUA or Makeup Artist is that the foundation will always take some time to settle on our skin. What happens often is that the tone which we are applying will not be the same after some time. Professional makeup artist's tip for this is that they won't set the foundation using too much powder. When we apply powder what happens is that the tone of the skin starts to change. So you have to be careful about that, most of the makeup artists who are working professionally uses translucent powders. If it is videography, they use translucent powders and if it is flash photos, they use coloured powders. So if you are going to shoot a video, use translucent powders. Don't use much of coloured powders. If it is flash photos, avoid translucent powders and use more of coloured powders. Another thing you have to be careful about is that you don't overuse the powder. You should use the powder strategically only. If you use too much powder, your skin will get a dry effect and a dull look. So use the powder according to its need. Another thing to be careful about is that if you become oily, most of the people apply compact or translucent powder above it. Don't do that, instead most of the makeup artist uses bloating sheets. It can be bought from the market and are affordable. Use bloating sheets and the bloating sheet just suck up the oils from the face. It will absorb the oils and make the skin matte. This is what the professional makeup artist will do when they see oil content produced by the skin over time and to avoid shine. So, don't overuse powders and use powders strategically.

These 3 tips are very important because these are used by internationally recognized professional makeup artists who are celebrities, behind the scene of televisions for their catalog shoots, editorial work, movies, theatre. Makeup Artistry is like an ocean. You will have to keep learning. This industry is getting refined every day. Every day there will be an invention in this industry. In this multi-billion dollar industry getting information is very important.

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