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The Secret Behind A Long Lasting Kajal!! | Lekshmi Menon FRSA

We are here with tips on something that everyone likes. Even if you don't make up, there is something that everyone likes. Everyone likes to draw eyes and use kajal. From aged people to youth likes it. Those who have the habit of using kajal will have a look of unwell if they don't use it. They usually get comments like what happened, didn't you sleep well, etc. Isn't it true what we are saying? We all like to draw kajal. Right from a very young age even for babies we draw kajal. We all love to use kajal. But the main dilemma faced by most people is that they don't know the tips and tricks for lasting the kajal.. Even the makeup artists ask this question how to get a long-lasting kajal. It has some tips and tricks when you draw the kajal that you have to be careful about.

The first tip is preferably when you do especially a Bridal routine, always use waterproof kajal or eyeliner. We are using waterproof because brides will be having an emotional day. They are leaving their parents, not in the case of every one. Even though it is an emotional day. So if you have an emotional outbreak on that day, we are women, our kajal should not smudge. Otherwise, we will look like a raccoon. It will smudge and spread which will give you not a pleasant look. So try and use waterproof kajal and waterproof eyeliner. Nowadays a lot are available in the market. Ensure it is jet black, that is nice black. You have to test it and before buying. If you are going to a shop, don't immediately buy it. Just swatch it on the hand and go home and see how long it will last, whether it will peel off etc and then buy it.

The second tip when you buy kajal or eyeliners, it should be a matte look. Avoid eyeliners with the glossy glossy and peeling finish. Try and use a matte finish because it is elegant. The problem with glossy eyeliners which are liquid will have a glossy finish. The problem is that the light will reflect. The light will bounce back and will have a shine which is not elegant. So always you have to know that, a professional makeup artist always prefers a matte eyeliner. If it is a matte look, it will be an elegant look and the eyes will have an effect. And black should look really jet black and make your lashes also look thicker. So always use matte eyeliner.

The third tip is that for lasting eyeliner or eye routine which is used by some of the world's best makeup artists. I will tell you that today. They are doing a layering process. Usually, the eyeliners we get are gel liners, then you have liquid liners and then you have a kajal pencil. First, they draw the eyes with a kajal pencil, then they draw with the gel liners above the kajal liner and then they draw with a liquid liner above this gel liner. When you do this layering process, the kajal will never budge. It is budge-proof. It will last you the whole day and it will make your eyes really sultry. It will be a beautiful sultry look. This is what a lot of professional makeup artists do for Hollywood celebrities. It is a trick where they layer the eyeliners. First kajal and then they use gel and then they finish it off with a liquid. And when you are using liquid you have to be careful about that you don't use the same brush, Always take it on the back of your hand and with another brush. Ensure using it sanitary.

The fourth tip is that if you are college going students or working women and you like kajal a lot. But if the kajal is very smudging and spreading quickly, we are going to tell you something you

have to be careful about. After drawing the eyes with kajal set it out with the black colour eyeshadow. The kajal which spread quickly has a high oil or wax content. To lower that down set it with some powder. Eyeshadow is a powder formula. What happens when we powder it is that it will mattify the oil content. So it will make your kajal last longer. After drawing the kajal, take some black eyeshadow with a small brush and spread it or smudge it. This makes your eye makeup last longer. Likewise, when you smudge below the eyes, use eyeshadows more. If you produce more oil content, use a little bit of translucent powder and set it. Then draw the kajal and then put some eyeshadow which will even make your kajal last even more longer. So tip number 4 ensure that you layer your powder eyeshadow on top of the kajal.

So, everyone, we believe you liked these tips regarding the kajal. It is very important and definitely incorporate to your daily life.


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