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How to use a toner to change your skin

Skincare routine is a very curious topic and toning is an important process in skin care routine. Most don't know why they should do Toning. Many types of Toners are available in the market. Many products by the name 'Astringent' is available in the market. Many complain that, after toning, they get pimples, skin is becoming dry and it won't suit them.

What is Toning?

The important composition of the external layer on our face is water and oil. The balance between this water and oil determine our skin type. When we wash our face, along with bacteria, dirt, pollution and dead cell, the good oil is also washed out. Therefore, it will make our skin dry. That is the reason we get a tug and dryness after cleansing. The main reason for Toning is to hydrate the skin. We use Toner for the first layer of hydration. Now, the purpose of the first layer of hydration is that there should be this balance between water and oil on our face. Otherwise, our skin will crack. For people with dry skin, the natural oil production is less. Whatever oil is there will be lost after cleansing. So there is a chance to become excessively dry and become flaky. It will break down collagen and over time, it will cause you to age. When it comes to oily skin if you don't hydrate it will become dry. For oily skin, they have very active oil productive skin. After cleansing, the skin will become dry and the brain will instruct the skin to produce more oil. So their glands start to push more oil. Rather than balancing the oil, the skin will become too oily. To compensate for the dryness, the skin starts pushing a lot of oil. As a result, the chances of getting pimples also rises. Therefore, it is important to balance the hydration level for any skin type. Even it is dry skin or oily skin, you need to tone and then moisturize your skin. The important thing is what is the ingredient. After you wash your face, it will get dry. To break this dryness, we are giving the first layer of moisture. This is called Tonning.

Rosewater - Commonly used toner

Different types of Toners are available in the market. Most commonly used Toner is Rosewater. Everyone knows Rosewater. Why do we use Rosewater? We are using it for hydrating the skin. Now, what type of Rosewater should we use? In the market, different types and different varieties of Rose water is available. Those who are allergic to roses as well as flowers, don't use them. There are cheap Rosewaters available in the market. As a consumer, it is important to read the ingredients. In cheap products, the ingredients will be the combination of water and fragrance. Most of them will have colour. Perfumes are not expensive. So in them, it won't be real distilled roses but have fragrance. It is not good for our skin. If you want benefits of Roses, you need to have steamed distilled Rosewater. It can be made at home or available in many brands 'Steamed distilled rosewater'.

Other toners

Another commonly used toners include Mogra water. Morga means Jasmine. Another toners include Green Tea Face Mist, Lavender water , Vetiver water amongst others. Many Korean brands and Japanese brands Toner are available in the market

The thing you have to be careful of is that whatever brand you buy, look for the ingredients in the back. Fragrance and alcohol should also be low in the product. Alcohol again will make the skin dry. You should buy products which are alcohol-free or very less of alcohol for Toning. We also get water based toners which has some amount of oil infused and is very good for dry skin people.

How to apply toner

Toners can be applied with cotton or spray bottles. We would suggest you to get spray bottles. If you buy good Rosewater, you can also buy spray bottles separately. Pour the Rosewater into the spray bottle and can directly spray it on the face. The problem of using the cotton is that cotton will drink up the product and therefore benefits will be lowered. If you are using spray bottles, you can reap the benefit of the product directly. That is why, spray bottles are recommended. Open the spray bottle, keep it in a distance, close your eyes and spray it. Spray it 4 or 5 times to cover the face and don't wipe off or do nothing. Let it stay for 5 minutes and the skin will absorb the toner. Because after Cleansing, our skin will be dry and this layer of hydration, that is, the molecules are very small in size and lightweight so the skin will absorb it. This is called the First layer of hydrate.

After toners have been applied or absorbed, you need to follow up by Moisturizer. it is important to apply Moisturizer. In the following blogs we will share more information about application of moisturizer. Do follow our blog for more integral tips on your skincare routine.

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