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Everyday Makeup while going to work or college

In this blog, we are going to teach you an everyday routine which is simple and not very complicated.

There are not many colours but as always instead of nude lips, we will be using a berry colour or pink colour.

Do your base which can be done every day in a convenient way as you like. Base should be applied after cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Draw a line above your eyes. There is no need for drawing the wing. It's not compulsory that you have to use eyeliner also. For everyday basis, it's ok if you don't draw the wing but it's nice if you just draw a line otherwise you can put mascara. So, just draw a simple eyeliner. You can go for a small wing. Apply some Blush as it will create a look, like there is blood flow on our face and also a youthful look. Take some Blush and apply on the cheekbones with pink colour. It will give you a youthful glow on the cheeks. And then apply some highlighter as it will make the skin glow. The colour of the highlighter we usually use is an off-white Champagne. Apply your highlighter on the cheekbones, cupid's bow, and central parts of the face. And then pop a nice pink lipstick. Pink means not light pink, use a plummy pink on an everyday basis. With a current colour lip liner fill the lips. Remember to mute your lips with your foundation, then draw the lip line and fill the lips, only then both your lips will have an even colour. This is an everyday colour and can be used on regular basis. You can also change according to your outfit.

Even though if you don't put much makeup, to look your best at your work or at an event, just draw an eyeliner, some blush, some highlighter, some lipstick and then some mascara. Everyone likes mascara. It makes your eyes wider. You can set your makeup with a Makeup Setting Spray. Allow it to dry.

This is the daily wear makeup. It's not heavy. If you are using a BB cream, it should match your skin tone. If you are using foundation, it may not be heavy. It is just a base for makeup, then some blush, just a simple eyeliner, then a mascara and lipstick. These are only required for daily basis. You can try this. If you are going to work or is a college going student, you can try these techniques on regular basis.

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