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Cleansing tips to take care of your skin

Skin cleansing tips by Lekshmi Menon FRSA

Today we are here with a skin care tip. Skin care is something which everyone should know. Beside from Makeup, it is very important to know how to protect our skin. We get a nice finish for Makeup only if you protect the skin. The more we take care of our skin, the more we can maintain the skin. And when we apply makeup on the skin, we get a nice finishing for our makeup. Another thing is that skin is the largest organ and often we neglect our skin. We take care of all our internal organs and usually neglect to take care of our skin. Most of the people neglect their skin care and do nothing for their skin. They won't use face wash and won't put moisturizer. We should understand that skin is our organ and it needs its own maintenance.

The main issues with the skin arises because of its cleansing. We should learn to do cleansing properly, with the right method and after understanding the skin type. So today we are teaching you how to cleanse the skin perfectly.

We should cleanse only after understanding your skin type. There are different types of skin

  • Dry skin

  • Oily skin

  • Combination skin

  • Normal skin

  • Sensitive skin.

For those with dry skin always be careful that while cleansing you should never tug the skin. Tug means a tightness in the skin. The main reason for cleansing is to remove bacteria, impurities, dirt, pollution, dead cell from our face. But you should understand that the major composition of our skin is water and oil. When we apply water and oil, it acts as a protective barrier. It will help to maintain skin soft, supple and moisturized. When we cleanse, along with bacteria and dirt, the good oil is also lost from the skin. This makes our skin dry. The main ingredient in most of the cleansers is Sulphates. Sulphates are actually a detergent. It's in laundries, dishwashers, etc. It is not a harmful ingredient but when it lathers, the natural oils from the skin gets dissolved and washed off. Then the skin gets tighten because its the oils and water that maintain the texture of our skin. You must have noticed that after cleansing and when the oil from the skin is lost, you feel a tightness.

For those with dry skin, natural oil production is low. Those people should always be careful that they use cleansers with no Sulphate in it. So we usually recommend oil cleansers for dry skin. If you notice Oil Cleansers, it is just like oil. Take some and nicely massage it on the face.This is a light oil and it helps to remove the bacteria and dirt. When water is mixed with it, it starts to lather up a little. Not too much of lather like sulphates. It lathers up a little and can be washed off. It also won't tug the skin. Always remember to use sulphate- free face washes for dry skin. Next people after a certain age, who have to be careful about anti- ageing, especially above 30 years old. Not only should the face wash be sulphate- free but also it should also contain alpha hydroxy acid. Alpha hydroxy acid is with ingredients like glycolic acid. If it's in your face wash, it will help to remove spots, anti ageing wrinkles, dry patches on the surface.

Likewise, those with pimples or who have acne oily skin/ acne prone skin should use a face wash with ingredient salicylic acid. Even for oily skin, we should use a face wash with less Sulphate in it. Because Sulphate makes your skin dry. For those with oily skin, oil production is more, so what happens is that when the skin becomes dry, our brain will direct the skin to push more oil. Therefore your skin will become more oily. More oil means blockage of skin. Pores will be blocked leading to an increase in acne. So preferably sulphate- free but that contains salicylic acid.

There are many types of cleansers. We always recommend oil-based cleansers otherwise cream-based cleansers. Cream-based cleansers when applied to the face, it will be very much creamy and it will become oil like. When mixed with water, it forms light lather and without stripping our natural oil it helps to clean the skin. Another thing is that after we use face wash, we usually do not tone and moisturize the skin. It is very important to tone and moisturize otherwise your skin will become dry and flake.

We hope that this tips were useful and would help you to better cleanse the skin.

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