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How to get a simple Grunchy look

Today we are going to teach you a simple Grunchy look. So when we hear the word Grunch, you know what are the colours to incorporate. Browns, black, deep purple even blues. These are the colours that bring a grunch element. But here, people are uncomfortable to wear blacks, purples, blues. So we are going to show you in brown colours. Everyone likes the colour brown and many wear brown lipsticks. Incorporating the brown colour, we are going to teach the Grunchy look. It's very simple and not at all complicated Grunge look. In this, we have a bronze colour for blush, for eyeshadow, there are some blacks and browns incorporated and also a brown lipstick. That will give you a good grunge look.. For those who are familiar with Malayalam language, you can watch the video below.

First, cleanse your face. Next, prep the skin with a toner with some rose water which can be sprayed it on the face. It's a hydrating toner. Give it 5 minutes to absorb. Next, moisturize it with some oils, for example with evening primrose oil. It's a good moisturizing oil without making it too heavy. Applying it 2-3 drops directly on my skin to moisturize the skin. Give it 2 minutes to absorb. The skin is moisturized. Skin absorbs the evening primrose oil.

Now, do foundation and concealer routine. Taking 2 pumps of foundation and just dot it on the skin. With a buffing brush, blend it nicely. If you have some breakouts apply some more foundations on those areas and blend it. Next, applying concealer to camouflage the dark circles under the eyes. We have already mentioned about this routine in our previous blogs so not elaborating it. Apply the concealer and blend it with a brush. Then set it with powder. That will be the base for makeup. Also, fill the eyebrows.

For this Grunchy look, eyebrows should be darker, not natural. But avoid black colour and use dark brown colour. After this, do eye makeup. In grunchy look, eye makeup will be soft smokey eye makeup. We use more blacks and browns. Already we camouflaged the upper part of the eyes and with browns we should fill it. Taking the brown colour and placing it on the eyelid. You can do this process, placing and blending, for any designer colour intensity.

Taking some more brown and placing it. With the blending brush, we must blend it. Make sure it doesn't look patchy. When you do eye makeup, it should be feathery. There should be coordination between colours. Likewise, it should not look as it has been drawn but feathery instead. So blending is an important requirement for makeup. So blend this nicely. Now do this process of placing and blending 3 to 4 times to layer using brown colour. It should be matte.

Do the same thing, placing and blending with the other eye also. Next, using a Kajal, just draw a line. It may not be precise, just drawing it roughly. Then, with a small brush take some mix of black and brown and blend it nicely. Give it a soft smokey look. Use more browns. We incorporate more brown for this look. Apply it like a soft eyeliner and smoke it nicely. Repeat this smokey effect with the other eye also. Like we have done earlier with the upper eye, take the kajal, draw the lower eyes and smoke out. Next, we are going to do is, we are applying lipstick with a nice matte brown lipstick. First, with a lip liner, we fill and then apply a brown lipstick. Next, with the brown lipstick filling the lips. You can use any brown. You can take deep browns, chocolate browns, any colour is fine. Take any and just fill it.

We have now completed the look. You can set your makeup with a setting spray. So this is the typical Grunge look. You can use black colour, use purples as you like. No need for using browns itself. Hope you love this look. Watch more of our video tutorials relating to makeup and beauty tips here

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