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Busting 5 common skincare myths

In this blog, we are going to bust 5 common myths about skincare and provide you facts about them.

For those who are familiar with Malayalam language, they can watch the video here

First myth we are going to bust is about oily skin.

Many have oily skin and they have to wash their skin as and when it becomes oily. This is a misunderstanding. We should never cleanse exceedingly. Because it makes skin more oily. Our skin is an organ. Its functioning is as per the command from the brain. These organs will give the feedback to the brain and brain will command them. So accordingly, our skin will secrete more oil as per the command from the brain. So if you keep cleansing, over cleansing, then the brain instruct to push more oil to compensate the dryness. So this makes skin more and more oily. So always stick to cleansing twice a day in the Morning and at night. And follow proper and systematic cleansing, toning and moisturising routine.

Second one in busting Skincare Myth is about sunscreen.

It's a misunderstanding for many that there is no need for putting sunscreen in a cloudy places or when going to cool climate places. Sunscreen protect us from UVA rays and UVB rays. UVA rays can penetrate through the glass and clouds and 90% will reach on earth's surface. Even if it's not visible to naked eyes, UVA rays are active even if there is rain. UVA rays are those which breaks our collagen and cause ageing. Likewise it cause damage like future hyper pigmentation. So it is compulsory to apply sunscreen even if it is a rainy day.

Third myth is that those with oily skin need not moisturise their skin.

There is a misunderstanding that skin will become more oily after moisturing. So they won't moisturise but wash their face. They won't hyderate their skin. It's definitely a misunderstanding. The reason is that if you won't moisturise your skin, it causes dryness and like mentioned in the previous paragraph, to compensate for the skin dryness, brain will produce more oil. Moreover, the oil production glands are active for oily skin people. Therefore, it will start to push out more oil. If you provide moisture, right and correct moisturisers according to your skin type, brain won't instruct. So it is very important to apply moisturiser. You will get light weight, oil free, 'non comedogenic' labelled moisturisers for oil skin. According to your budget and skin type, it is compulsory to apply moisturiser after cleansing everyday. If you don't apply moisturiser, the chances that your pimples will increase as well as becomes more oily for oily skin people are more. So it is definitely a misunderstanding that oily skin should not use moisturisers.

Fourth myth is that those who use makeup will age quickly

You won't age if you use makeup. But if you are not removing your makeup before going to the bed, it will cause ageing. The reason is that, nothing has been proven scientifically. The skin will rejuvenate when you sleep. At the time of rejuvenation, if there is a presence of makeup and sunscreen the pores will clog. Thus skin rejuvenation or turn over will not happen. This will lead to collagen break and cause ageing. It's a misunderstanding that you will age if you apply makeup. But if you go to sleep with your makeup,definitely you will age.

Fifth myth is that natural products are good for our skin.

This is a big misunderstanding. Its is not necessary that natural products should be good for skin. You should be careful and observe your skin. What is your skin type, what are its concerns whether pigmentation or acne and where is acne coming from. You should do a study about these. You should do a study on your skin. Only after this you should use any product. If a product is labelled 'Natural', it does not mean that the ingredients is 100% natural. It means the percentage of naturally derived ingredients. Another thing is that, paraben are preservatives that helps the product to last and to prevent bacteria and mold from growing in it. Similarly, products that labelled 'natural' will expire soon. You should not use these product until it is finished. It will expire soon because they won't add much preservatives. There is no scientific proof that preservatives like Parabens are harmful. But, you should be careful about what your skin wants, what is your skin type and accordingly to its requirement buy your products. Whether it is natural or doctor's prescribed medication, apply them according to your understanding of your skin.

We hope that we have clarified lot of your doubts. If you have any questions, definitely write to us or attend our classes to know about about makeup and skin.

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