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How the love for Face Palette's makeup course inspired our student's daughter to write a poe

Few days back, we had a pleasant surprise when one of our students from our July batch, Ms. Laila, shared a poem with us which was written by her daughter, Ashrine Rhema Justin. Ashrine was inspired to write the poem once she heard about the experience from her mother about the love, education, makeup training, affection and all the lovely and precious days that her mother had with other students of the July 2018 Professional Makeup Artistry course Batch and with their dearest makeup guru Lekshmi madam at our Face Palette Makeup training studio !!! Ashrine also created the collage which had Lekshmi Menon FRSA at the centre with other July batch students in the form of the circle.

With Ashrine's permission, we have reproduced the poem below. Thank you sweetheart for penning down those words.. It truly touched the soul of Face Palette!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 .

The flower that bloomed On the month of July In the garden of face palette Unexpected and soon The day of 16th Cherished to the deepest. Memories that were born And brought up amongst the dearest. Be wary, the flower Never to be withered That is bound by the teacher, Ever-loving and kind. Let it not perish But to be cared To be watered, to be nourished With the love of angel beauties . . - Ashrine Rhema Justin

Being part of Face Palette is an experience by itself.. It shows how deep down we are simple human beings wishing to pursue a skill but at the same time, we learn how to love each other, cherish each other and make every moment precious and kind. That is shown from the moment you step into our studio, from the moment you see our very own Lekshmi mam. Experience it directly.. Come to our studio and see for yourself!

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