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How to apply Metallic red lipstick

In this blog, we share tips on how you can apply Metallic red lipsticks. Red lipstick is favourite for everyone. It's very feminine, very sultry. Red is a feminine colour which gives a sophisticated look. Likewise, Metallic finish is globally trending for last 2 years in Makeup world. There are many brands in metallic formula like lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, glosses etc are available. The metallic finish with foiled look is very much in. Everyone like reds but today we are going to show you metallic red. For those who can understand Malayalam, you can watch the tutorial here

Firstly, put balms on the lips. But for someone who has dry lips, they should prep their lips with a lip balm before makeup. Lip balm will moisturize your lips because when we use liquid lipsticks, it will dry up your lips. If you already have a dry lips which is patched, it will stick on and will peel off. So most important thing for those who have dry lips, is to use a toothbrush, take some vaseline and gently scrub your lips. Don't use the toothbrush which you use daily but keep a separate one. Scrub your whole lips with it. This process is important because it will increase the blood circulation and lighten the dry patches on the lips. Don't scrub harshly. Do rub it gently in a circular motion. It will immediately lowers the dry patches on the lips. After wiping it off, put some lip balm and leave it for sometime. By putting the lip balm, the lips becomes soft. You can use any lip balm of your choice. We will never recommend lip balm which have mineral oils in them. We prefer lip balm with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter. Lip balms with these ingredients are better. There are many with lip pigmentation. Those who go out regularly like office going, school or college going students who have lip pigmentation can scrub their lips and also use lip balm with SPF. Only then you can avoid the pigmentation. Likewise when you do exfoliation regularly, it increases the blood circulation lightening the pigmentation.

So always use lip liner which is one tone darker than our lipstick to fill. After applying the lip balm, leave it for few minutes. Wipe it off because its so soft and oily. After wiping off, we can apply lipstick. Next, mute out your lips colour. You have many techniques to mute out the lips. You can use concealer or foundation. Take any in some amount. Don't take too much. Take some foundation and apply it all over your lips. This will camouflage the natural pigmentation of our lips and will mute out. Next, with a lip liner, draw the whole lips by using a Metallic red lipstick. Then only you will get a 3D effect. In case you are using a lipstick which is deep red metallic colour, instead of using red lip liner, use current or purple element colour. Only then this deep colour will form the border of the lip and give a good effect when filled. It should not be darker but it should be a plum or current colour which will be complimentary tone for deep red colour. After drawing the line, now take a burgundy colour, a colour that compliments the lipstick and with this lip liner, fill the whole lips. This colour should overlap the line drawn, then only it will blend together. Next take a liquid lipstick. You can buy any liquid lipstick of any brand of your choice. If you don't have metallic red, you can use normal red also above this. If you use this type of technique, you get a nice effect. So this is Metallic red, you can use any red of your choice.

After filling, next take the first lip liner which is plumy purple colour and just run it around. But first allow the lipstick to dry. Only after drying, do this technique with the lip liner. With the lip liner, just run it around while also blending it. Therefore, we get a 3 dimensional look, not a flat look. We get a ombre colour. It means a look of transition from one color to another color. That ombre effect is what we got on our lips. This lipstick is Metallic, a very light metallic. Not very glittery glittery metallic but a nice sheen metallic. This type of lipstick will be beautiful with nice kancheepuram saree or ethnic wear to go for a wedding. Metallic red is always pretty for ethnic touch. Likewise, it can be worn with western wear also. You can wear it in the morning and evening. So there is no restrictions to it. Even if you give a simple eye makeup with this lipstick, there is no problem because your standout element will be your lip colour. So you should definitely try this lipstick, its not difficult and matches with every skin tone whether it's Fair, dark or medium. Red suits everyone and it will make everyone beautiful. So definitely try it out.

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