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Five shades of lipsticks which suits Indian skin tone

In this blog, we are going to answer the following questions - What are the 5 shades of lipsticks that suits the Indian skin tone and should be available in your kit. You can use these 5 shades of lipsticks on any occasion irrespective of day or night.

Normally when we go out, we often get confused on seeing lot of lipsticks. What to buy? Which one to buy? But these 5 shades are necessary for your kit, both for day or night wear. For every occasion, versatile use is possible. So lets begin. You can also watch the video tutorial here

Firstly, we need a neutral nude colour and it perfectly matches if it is pink in colour. Then we have peach, browny nudes, peachy nudes, coral nudes. But generally most of the consumers are found of pink colour. Use this colour regularly. This is a very good pinky colour. It is not very light but it compliment our skin tone. This is a versatile pink which matches with different looks whether it is day or night.This pink colour is necessary for your kit. If you are going for work or professional commitments or a party, draw your eyes and put this lipstick, you will get a look. So first lipstick as part of your kit is pinky nude.

Second one is a Pinky brown. Pinky brown is not a light colour but darker one. Again this colour compliments our skin. The reason is that we are having warmth skin tone. For warmth skin tone this colour suits. Very light pink colours won't suit us and gives us a washed out look. This is a deeper pink colour. Its a liquid lipstick and after 5 or 10 mins when it is dried up, it gives a mat finish. After drying it becomes darker. Again this can be used day or night. This colour is available in many brands. This is a very pretty colour. Liquid lipsticks also last longer. You can wear it for work and it can last till afternoon.

Now third one is a Mauve colour. Its a purply pink. Puple really compliments our skin tone. It helps to bring out our features. If you are afraid to wear deep purple, you can start with a mouvy colour. This mouve colour compliments our skin tone. This is pink but a little purple in it. If we use a plum lip liner, this type of colour again will compliment our skin tone. We can use it day or night. It can also go along with outfit of any colour. It's good because it has a pink element and also some purple. And also it has a mouve touch to it. So Mouvy colours very well suits Indian skin. That is the third lip colour.

Then, obviously no kit won't be complete without a red colour. You need a perfect red colour for every occasion. As soon as we wear red colour, you can notice that our face brightens and amps up. You can wear it at daytime or night for a function, even when you don't wear much makeup but put on some red lipstick, your face pops up. So without a red lipstick, our kit won't fulfill our lipstick collection. Get your perfect red lipstick. A good red lipstick is a liquid lipstick, which is pigmented and becomes mat when it dries up. If the colour is deep and bright, it is always good to have liquid lipsticks because you do not have to bother about it for a long time. Only when you have food, the inner coat goes off otherwise it stays as Indian foods are usually oily and greasy . Otherwise liquid lipsticks are long lasting.

The final lip colour that matches our skin tone is deep red. Deep red goes perfectly with ethnic outfits, traditional outfits, saris, salwars, weddings, receptions, parties etc. Similarly it is one of the essential colour that we need in our kit. This is like a maroon, burgundy deep red colour. It is an essential colour and again it complements our skin tone. It brings out our warmth if we are using such colours.

So, the five shades of lipsticks which suits Indian skin tones and which you require in your makeup collections are nude pink, pinky brown, mauve pink colour, red and finally a deep red which brings out that sultry look like diva, ethnic look.

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