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How to do makeup for warm, dusky skin tone

Lekshmi Menon Makeup for Niranjana Suresh, Photo for Seny P Arukattu

Face Palette's Creative head, Lekshmi Menon, recently did a makeover for an upcoming model, Niranjana, for a Mathrubhumi Kappa TV photo shoot.

In this blog, we are going to describe how Lekshmi Menon planned the makeup for Niranjana for this shoot.

The model, Niranjana, has a warm, dusky, beautiful skin tone. And therefore for this shoot, we wanted to incorporate a lot of gold elements because that helps with the complexion to stand out better. For the eyes, we went for Neutral tones. Neutral because the stylist had chosen a modern gown. So we wanted to go for something like a Neutral tone but give her lips a nice popping colour. That will really stand out in photographs and bring her warmth also out. And as for hair, we went for half updo and half down with little beach wave and stuff like that. Its looks very elegant and at the same time it won't make her look too mature or too much. It looks very glam and chic at the same time.

For warm undertone skin, yellow and red components are more. Also, talking about her skin tone, it was a dry skin and very dehydrated skin. Due to dehydrated skin, we had to prep the skin thoroughly. so first thing as an artist, we have done is prep her skin really well. First, we gave multiple layers of hydration for her skin so as to prep her skin really well. And then we have actually used a foundation which matches her undertone and complexion exactly. We have not camouflaged her skin at all. We have not whitened or darkened or bronzed. We have actually matched her skin tone exactly.

Talking about her face shape, it is quite a heart shaped face. For heart shaped face, there is no need to contour much. The main reason is the cheek bone protrude quite a bit. So we did a subtle contouring. But for heart shaped face, forehead is more. So we contoured little bit on the temple side and little bit on the chin side. We also did luminous makeup which has got that glowing elements. Matt makeup is quite out of fashion. So we did lot of luminosity kind of makeup and gave her glowing elements.

And to talk about her eyes, we did a Neutral makeup with three tones; gold, brown and a little bit of black on the corners so as to give a nice soft smokey look. But we added lot of gold in the eyes because it matched her undertone skin really well. The yellow in the skin tone matched it well.

For the lips, we did a nice poppy red lips and it really emphasis and puts the whole look together. We gave nice lashes as well that is quite wispy and goes with the entire theme and look.

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Lekshmi Menon Makeup for Niranjana Suresh, Photo for Seny P Arukattu

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