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How to remove your makeup

Removing makeup

In this blog, we are going to teach you how to effectively remove your makeup at night. Most of people are worried about putting makeup whether it will damage the skin, how to cleanse correctly, questions are many. Many are even lazy. Some also have wrong idea that they can go to bed with their makeup. Don’t ever do that. We should not go to sleep with our makeup. The reason is that, our skin replenish when we sleep, oxygen level is stabilized, no pollution and at this time our mind will be calm. This is the time our cells replenish. At this time if we have makeup,our skin will clog. This is why we will have pimples when we wake up in the morning. Moreover, if we go to sleep with our makeup which lead to clogging of skin, the skin won't rejuvenate. This leads to break down of collagen and will age soon.This is why effective removal of makeup is very very important. Most of us don’t know how to remove the makeup and also most of us are also confused because lot of products are available in the market. The big question is where to spend money and how to spend. In addition to the detailed description in this blog, you can also watch this video tutorial


In this blog, we are going to share information about the correct process of removing makeup. It’s not a difficult process. This method is called double cleansing. The makeup removal process we do at night is called double cleansing. We should do cleansing twice. First we have to clean our face with oil. Even if you didn't put your makeup, sunscreen should be removed, so this process is very important. You must put your sunscreen in the morning and at night it must be removed. You will find many makeup removers when we go online as well as at shops. Makeup removers in water, eye makeup removers in water are available. Similarly, there are also cleansing wipes available. But we won't recommend it to use on a regular basis. The only reason is that both have an alcohol content. When we use alcohol percentage regularly, the chances of our skin becoming dry is very high. Alcohol will eventually dry out your skin. So it's better not to use these products regularly.If you want to remove quickly like quick fix, when you are tied, then its fine. But not on a regular basis.

The easiest way to cleanse first is Oil Cleansing. No other product will help to break down the makeup like oil does. Oil is very effective. For different people different oil will be comfortable. If you are comfortable with coconut oil, use coconut oil. If you like olive oil, use olive oil. We recommend use Nalpamaradi Thailam from Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala. Its available all over Kerala. Those who are allergic to Turmeric, don't use this. Similar to this, Eladi keram is available. Oils like these are available in plenty to buy. Whichever is effective and suits your skin, use that oil. First, buy the right oil. Then cotton pads are available to buy. Cotton pads are round in shape available in set of 100 or 120. With this, take some oil. Soak the oil. To remove the eye makeup, the best way is to keep the oil soaked cotton on it for 5 minutes. Then remove it in downward direction. Do it slowly. Don't pull it hardly. Do it softly. When we keep it for few minutes, what happens is, the product will breakdown. Oil will help to breakdown the eyeshadow, mascara. So we should remove it after few minutes. Then turn the cotton, take some oil and wipe the whole face thoroughly. After wiping the face, take some more oil and gently massage the face, neck, side of our nose, around the mouth, eyes, massage the eyelashes. When we massage, the products which is inside will breakdown and can be washed away easily making it deep clean. This is why, we are doing first cleansing.

After doing a good massage, again take a cotton pad and wipe off everything. Wipe off from the neck too. Removing the makeup with oil is called First Cleansing step. Second step is for deep cleansing. Because, we cleansed like this but our pores are still dirty. So we should cleanse deeply. What should we do then? We should use a face wash that suits our skin. Use the face wash that suits our skin type. Take some face wash, with lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, gently massage the face and neck. This is how we clean. This is double cleansing method. Then with a towel or disposable tissue, pat your skin dry. When we do this, our skin will become deep clean. This is what we need. When we do makeup, the most important thing is removal of makeup from the concerned crevices. For this, nothing else is as effective as oil for removal. Even then, there is still some makeup like mascara or eyeliner, take some cotton buds soak it with oil and using mirror remove mascara from the eyelashes. Like that, false lashes, those who use extra fitting lashes, use buds to remove.

We hope these tips have been useful. Do visit our knowledge centre for more makeup tips, tricks and suggestions.

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