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How to do a very traditional and ethnic makeup

Looking beautiful is very important. At the same time, its equally important trying to look beautiful depending upon the occasion. In this video and following blog, Face Palette's Creative Head, Lekshmi Menon, is going to explain to us how to do a very traditional and ethnic makeup. This video also explains the procedure

In our state of Kerala and our country India, most of the women like to wear saris. We have many functions like marriages, receptions, parties, lot of ladies gatherings to attend to. Lot of them loves to wear Kanjeevaram saris. Kanjeevaram saris have golden elements so we wear traditional jewellery with them. Some love to wear temple jewellery, some love to wear yellow gold jewellery. So there are gold elements both in our saree and jewellery. Our concentration should not be only for sari and jewellery. Today we learn how to do makeup so as to get a traditional and ethnic look. This is a very simple makeup with few elements which can be replicated by you. For those ladies in the beautiful state of Kerala, they need to take extra precautions as their is possibility of makeup melting due to hot weather if not applied correctly. The makeup courses taught at face Palette studio in Kochi helps you to address this specific issue.

First, as usual cleanse your face with a face wash. And as usual, pat your skin dry using towel or tissue. Pat your skin very dry. Next we are going to moisturize the skin using an oil. Usually in the morning, use a light weight oil. Because if we are not preparing the skin with moisturizer before makeup, it won't get a finishing look when we put on foundation. That's why we always have to prep the skin before makeup. You can use 1 or 2 drops of oil. Don't use any coconut oil. Lot of lightweight oils are available in the market. For example grape seed oils. Grape seed oils are very good and plenty are available in the market. They are very light weight oils. Don't use coconut oil because they are very heavy for our skin. Moisturize my skin and give it a few minutes to absorb it. Now moisturize under the eye. Use an eye cream, For example, use Gel form eye cream . You can use any eye cream of your choice. Plenty are available in the market. You can use your preferred choice.Now put on some Foundation. Use heavy coverage one for traditional look. Mixing Foundation with illuminating drops can give a glow to skin when applied. Don't use too much because it can give a oily look. Apply the mixed Foundation on the face in dots so that it is evenly spread. It covers our pigmentation.

In traditional makeup methodology, Concealer is applied before foundation. But in Modern makeup methodology, Foundation is used before Concealer.

You can use concealer for under eye circles. Normally we use concealer to camouflage our under eye circle. As usual after concealer we should use powder to set it. We should set the concealer using powder otherwise the concealer gives lines with the wrinkles. To avoid this we should set the concealer with powder to get a mat finish. Same thing repeat it on the other eyes as well. You can do the face makeup before eyeliner. First we will be doing contouring. Heavy makeup in real life gives patchy and muddy look. Flat brush helps to go deep for contouring. We will also be using a lightweight bronzer. And always use Mat finish products or powdery finish products. As usual tap off the excess. Next, apply blush. Mix the tones to get a natural look and tap off the excess. Make a smile and apply the blush above the contour always. Now use the highlighter. Highlighter are applied on cheekbones. This is used so that light is reflected back. Highlighters are applied above the blush.This is a highlighter with a gold tone. We get different toned highlighter from the market. So you can buy anything that you like. Just take a bit of highlighter. And as usual tap off the excess. Apply the highlighter on this part of cheekbones. Next use Kajal. Use eyeliner to draw eyes and you can use Kajal Pencil. Now move to your lipstick. Lipstick is our highlight because when we look at our traditional looks we come across deep burgundy, deep brown. For this first we will we come across deep burgundy, deep brown. Just dot it all over your lips and this mute the colour of the lips. After this, take your lip liner and draw your lip liner. Make sure that you fill it from inside also otherwise it looks like the lipstick didnt reach inside. Now it gives an even look. Above this use a liquid lipstick. Use a deep red colour as it is a traditional colour. Once you finish the makeup routine, you can put on your accessories like pottu, sindhooram. If you are married wear sindhoor for traditional touch.

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