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Knock, Knock! Take a Sneak Peak into my Makeup Bag Favourites January 2017 | The Face Palette Makeup

Hello my gorgeous and lovely readers,

Hope you are all doing fabulous and greater than ever! This blog post is going to cover all my January Favourites and since it is New Year month, I have couple of stuff to show you all what I loved during the entire month of Jan.

Are you ready for my January 2017 'Knock, Knock! Take a Sneak Peak into my Makeup Bag Favourites' segment.

Here are some of the products I loved using:

1) CHAMPNEYS Foot Butter

I really got into using Foot Butters in Jan! I was pretty laid back on my Pedicures and Manicures the past many, many months and then I just felt like getting one and then I remembered how everytime it actually made my feet feel. After that, every single night, before I got to bed, I actually scrub my feet to take off all the dead skin and nourish my feet using this foot butter. I love the fact it has a nice fresh peppermint kind of smell without overpowering the product. I have been a fan of Champneys since 2010 and I always enjoy their products but this is the first foot butter I have tried from their range. Loved it in Jan... and the love still continues!

2) SUPERDRUG Glitter Hairspray

I stumbled across this product while shopping at Superdrug during my trip to the UK few months back and thought... hmmm... this is interesting!!! Interesting oh it definitely is... and glittery.. OH YESSSSSSS!!! What more to make an evening special than to have your hair sprayed in glitter yet it is subtle enough to look pretty!! I love this hairspray but not to be tried at home (you may get a whack from your mum), not be tried at school/college (you may get few stares from your teachers / professors), or not to be tried wearing around the streets of India (your hair may end up glistening more than the street lights of India and may end up getting more than a million ogles your way)! However, being the Glitter Queen, that is me, I FREAKINGLY ADOREEEEEEEE this hairspray!!!

3) TOO FACED Dark Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

How pretty is this packaging isn't it!!!!! I just adore this packaging everytime I open this! Not just the packaging but the bronzer is just DIVINE in short! Just look at this:

*Fainted for a second*

This colour is just amazing for my skintone. I adore Bronzers and I love wearing them not as a contour powder but as a bronzer! Due to the large number of pores on my skin, I prefer to wear matte bronzers more and this is something I have been obsessed with ever since I got it in my hand. It truly smells like CHOCOLATE and you would actually feel like you are applying cocoa on your face but the colour is perfection!! This does not fade on me, blends in beautifully and is totally buildable without looking muddy! Love this stuff!

4) SIVANNA Shimmer Brick in Shining Star

I ended up buying this product while I was in Bengaluru the past month. I saw it at this store and it reminded me so much like the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks, however, they are not as chunky. I loved this shade as it had the perfect blend of shimmer, pinks and corals. It can be carried off well by anyone, especially people with yellow undertone in their skin. Quite a shimmery pretty brick!!

5) CLARINS Eclat Minute Embellisseur Lèvres

I have started to use more lip glosses now and don't ask me why.. I generally am not a big lip gloss person... however, I am quite picky with what lip gloss I wear and I do not experiment with lots of colours. If I wear a lip gloss, I usually prefer and neutral/nude shade and this is one pretty little tube!!! I have no clue on how to pronounce this other than Clarins and Eclat... rest is to be filled in, but it is such a pretty looking shade. It is a nice neutral pink and you can use it over a lip stain or even a lipstick. I like to pair it with my NYX Lip liner in Mahogany all over my lips and I top it up with this gloss. Amazing product!

6) ORGANIC Citronella Essential Oil

I bought the Citronella Essential Oil from a Beauty Supply store in Bengaluru and it indeed smells divine! It has lot of citrusy notes through it which is surprisingly nice to me, since I am not much of a citrus smell fan, generally. I use this product mainly to make body scrubs on my own using Kosher Salt and Carrier oil.

I will be posting the recipe of my Citronella Body Scrub on this website very soon so do stay tuned! My mother in law and my sister in law loves this scrub I make and I always make a jar for them. It is so refreshing and the scent just oozes out from the bathroom whenever they use it.. it is that good!!! It instantly wakes up your senses, calms you down. Citronella is also known to detox and provide relief from pains and aches so I prefer to scrub and leave it on my body for 10 minutes before rinsing it off in lukewarm water.

That is all for my January Favourites! Make sure you read out my other monthly favourites too. Do let me know in the comments below what were your favourites during the month of January.

Stay pretty and keep smiling my lovelies..

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