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Beginner's Guide to an Indian Makeup Kit - Video! | The Face Palette Makeup Beauty Blog

Hello my Honey bears,

As part of my makeup classes, I am starting it off right now with a Beginner's Guide to buy the right products for your makeup kit. I have been pretty descriptive here. The reason is, I did not want to be like, oh you buy this because I like it! Does that makes sense?! I wanted to give a good reasoning behind every product and why it will look beautiful as well. I have included couple of swatches on my hand in the video, however, since I am ill, I could not take pics of swatches on myself. I will ensure that I will get it done next time. I hope this guide will really help you angels out.

Make sure you grab a bite and a cuppa before you sit down and watch! :)

Stay pretty and keep smiling my nuggets!

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