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Cannes 2016 and Bollywood !! - Aishwarya Rai in Rami Kadi Gown and Purple Lips | The Face Palette Ma

Hello my lovely angels... I hope you are all doing very, very well. It is yet another review time for Aishwarya Rai's appearance at the Cannes Red carpet. I thought of writing about Sonam but then Aishwarya Rai's purple-lavender lips created such a stir that I thought I really need to be writing about it first. P.S: It was still trending in FB at that time.. !! I was like, this is it !! I need to write about it.. and all the comments I was reading about it on FB yesterday... my oh my oh my !!


Disclaimer: Remember my lovely readers, I am a blogger and I do critique. I do not mean to hurt anybody or create negative vibes. I love being creative with Fashion and Makeup and as I say, there are no strict rules to it. Follow what your heart says and wear it with confidence. However, through a post as such and being a blogger, I put in constructive criticism in what could have been done better by the celebrities and what really stood out to me. I like to say positives as well as things that could have improved. So, if this is something that will hurt your feelings reading about your favourite celebrity, please do not continue... but remember, I will continue to love you ok. :) :)

Aishwarya Rai in Rami Kadi

Image Credits: Getty Images / Gisela Schnober

Aishwarya attended Day three of the Cannes Red carpet for 'The Land of the Moon' premiere wearing a beautiful pink Rami Kadi Pink off-the-shoulder floral embroidered gown. I saw this and did a wee bit of research and found that this gown was shown in the Rami Kadi May Blossom 2016 Couture collection. However, what caught the attention of the media was the lavender lipstick she wore with this outfit.. Mmm... She also paired it with a sleek back ponytail. So what did I think of the look overall... Read to find out more! ;) My Thoughts: ATTIRE:

I am totally digging the intricate embroidery and embellishments on the gown and the soft pink shade she opted. The off-the-shoulder design of the gown did bring in a bit of softness and prettiness to the gown, which I loved! This year she opted for soft neutral tones on the red carpet in general.. I wonder why?!

Image Credits: Getty Images / Ian Gavan

I am in Love! <3




This I have loads to talk about. As I always say, there are no rules to makeup. If you are confident to pull it off, do it! Some might like what you do, some may not and that is how it is if you are in public eye isn't it.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Venturelli

To be honest, I am truly happy to note that she had the confidence to pull this shade off. I loved the fact that she wanted to experiment with something edgy and different. I totally love women who can think out of the box and wish to do something different. Initially, when I saw the picture for the first time I was like DAYM GURL! But, the more I looked at it, the more I enjoyed seeing it. Now, being a makeup guru and beauty blogger, I would like to give my opinion on what I think would have made the look work in her favour more.

Let me talk about the lips first. She wore a very cool-toned lavender lipstick which is indeed beautiful. However, ash being fair and warm-toned, it is slightly difficult to pull it off as it can make her look washed out. You can definitely see the makeup artist used a flesh tone lip liner on her in some pics. To clash the lipstick was her smokey grunge eye.

Now, if she wanted to do this look indeed to make the look work for her, she could have:

a) Kept her eyes brighter with slight pink highlight on the centre of her eyelid or maybe a more brighter eye makeup.

b) Maybe tried like an ombré lip with some deep purple on the edges that could have given her lips more dimension.

If she did not want an ombré, she could have very well used a deeper purple lipstick similar to MAC Instigator, Raine Fever liquid lipstick from Coloured Raine, Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in Sad Girl or Trust Issues, Lime Crime Pansy, Fetish or Jinx. Something similar of that range of purple. Don't worry, purple lips are one of my favourites too! ;)

Image Credits: Getty Images / Pascal Le Segretain

However, what bothered me most about this makeup was not actually the colour, but her lips itself. It looked extremely dry, chapped and matte. Her fine lines and cuts on her lips accentuated because the lipstick was too matte and drying for her. I wish the makeup artist had exfoliated her lips well in prior and used some lip balm or the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream or a nice gloss over the lips to make it look more moisturised than make it look so dry! Seriously seeing the pics, I literally felt the urge to travel to Cannes and apply a lip balm myself for her!! It was very, very dry!!

I also found out through L'Oreal that Ash had used:

Did you see how the internet went Ballistic seeing Aishwarya wear purple lipstick?! Ya I saw the twitter comments... its all over the net so I don't wish to post it here again... But reading them I went like...


C'mon, give the lady credit for walking 15 long years at Cannes! Honestly, kudos to her credit for trying out something different.

Her eyebrows also looked very well framed and filled in. It was filled very strategically and natural without over-powering which is perfect for carrying off a look as such. They have also been brushed upwards using an eyebrow comb or spoolie. NICE!

Her makeup artist also used a black eyeliner to tight line her upper waterline and lower waterline and did a very thin eyeliner on her top lid without overpowering to being out the smokey eye. There was no eyeliner wing anywhere present, however, there was loads of mascara. Another thing I noticed was, her lashes looked more natural so I suppose she had few individual lashes put in. Ash's lashes definitely looked thicker in the outer corners so definitely longer ones outside and mid ones in the centre, for more natural and defined look. LOVE! <3

Image Credits: Getty Images / Pascal Le Segretain


As for her base makeup, it is, as usual, done well. However, I feel, for this particular look, the concealer looked a bit ashy on her and it also creased. Maybe Ash was tired from all the media interviews, events etc she had to attend. Also, not to forget, she had her child accompany her so maybe lack of sleep. However, on such occasions, the makeup artist should ensure that the actress gets a good radiant mask done prior to the red carpet. Your eyes generally reflect your tiredness level and sometimes it is under-eye bags or sometimes darker under-eye circles that gets prominent. Ash definitely had prominent circles but nothing a good colour corrector could not solve. In such cases, a good colour corrector first and then a concealer on top would solve the issue and then highlight on top to bring eyes forward and then set it with a good fine translucent powder.

Her foundation was done rather well with a satin finish as far as I could say. The contour done was stronger than usual with a pink-purple shade of blush. Another point I noticed in this particular makeup is that, highlighter came out much stronger than her other red carpet appearances. For my last review I did give credit to the makeup artist for not highlighting over Ash's open pores on the apples of her cheeks but here, it turned out to be vice versa. The makeup artist did highlight on the apples of her cheeks making her pores more visible on camera. Pic for illustrative purposes only!

Image Credits: Getty Images / Venturelli - Cropped for information purposes

Not to be rude or negative or anything of that sort through my review, but these are pointers to keep in mind while doing makeup. I have zoomed in the pic for information purposes only. We are all humans and we all have flaws... Nobody in the world is perfect... Ask me, I have 1 million flaws and that's what makes us a human being. However, being a makeup blogger I can definitely advise my readers on perfecting their makeup skills and that is what I intend to do so here.


Personally, I loved her messy and sleek low ponytail. Do you know it is very much in the fashion scene now? It can actually bring the facial features forward! Loved her hair... Simple and Chic!


I also loved the fact that she chose to do minimal accessories with this look considering the amount of work that has gone to the gown and her makeup. More bling would have totally ruined the look!

Image Credits: Getty Images / Pascal Le Segretain

Overall Rating: 2.5/5

Comments: This time as well, the rating does not go much high for me, and no, it is not because she wore purple lips. Trust me, I wear Blue as well! There are couple of factors here and that is not the colour that brought the lower rating. Firstly the positives. I loved the gown and the intricate design and the off-the-shoulder pattern. I loved her sleek ponytail. What put me off was the chapped texture of her lips and the certain details her makeup artist missed out on her makeup look in general. The look totally clashed. Firstly, cool tone lip can work if done strategically by doing a neutral eye and a pairing the lipstick with a warm undertone base. The concealer looked grey and ashy and the highlighter was applied on her pores making it look bigger on camera. However, Aishwarya is breathtakingly beautiful and there is so, so much potential to make her makeup game strong.

Having taken inspirations from Pat McGrath, Charlotte Tilbury and Lisa Eldridge I can definitely say one thing, makeup is strategic placement of colours that should be done right. It is not about heavy 3 layered contouring or highlighting and definitely not instagram makeup. A true artist knows that it is not the colour in itself but how you can make that colour work for you. That is where the whole trick lies!

Let me know what you felt after seeing this look on Aishwarya at Cannes... I would love to read them!

Stay tuned for more Cannes 2016 reviews my angels! :D

Until next time,

Stay pretty and keep smiling!

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