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Skincare Tip 2 - Excessive Cleansing of your skin | Makeup Beauty Blog

Hello my darling Angels... Here goes another Skincare Tip for you all! :) I did mention about this on my FB page 'The Face Palette by Lekshmi Menon' last year. However, many of you are still not aware about this so thought I should update this tip on my blog as well.

I know many of you might know about the benefits of a proper CTM routine by now. However, people are often confused about how many times in a day should you actually wash your face. Even if you have extremely oily skin, make sure you do NOT wash more than twice a day, once in the morning and once at night before bed.

Last year, I was watching a pretty much new Malayalam channel, basically has all the content for youngsters (don't want to mention the name here!) and they had a beauty segment in one of their popular shows where a reputed model answers to people's queries. One of the viewers wanted to know the skincare routine for oily skin. However, the answer given by the model was to wash the face regularly throughout the day as and when the skin gets oily.


THIS IS NOT TRUE! YOU SHOULD NEVER EVER DO THAT! I did complain and message the channel about this for misguiding viewers.

I have also seen many girls do this... on trains, at airports... Don't do that! Let me explain to you in detail why...

Source of the pic used in the edit: Internet search engines,copyright with respective owners. Shared only for information

So remember, wash your face no more than TWICE A DAY! However, washing twice is essential to deep cleanse your skin and remove dirt and impurities.

Hope this tip was helpful to you all. Any questions, do let me know in the comments down below or through my FB page messages. :)

Stay pretty and keep smiling!

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