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4 Tips To Get Rid Of Pores

We are here with skincare related content. We all hear a lot about this term. We are here to elaborate on it. Even if we don't go to beauty parlor, this term is very familiar, Pores. For some have so many pores, for some don't have pores. What are these Pores? Most of us really don’t know what Pores are. Whenever we watch YouTube videos or read a blog post, likewise when we read some articles, we often see the word Pores but most don't know the real information regarding this.

What are Pores?

Pores means, in our skin near the hair follicle, there are very tiny hairs which are not visible, under those hair follicles there is oil glands. When these oil glands fill up, the pores becomes visible. Pores are genetic & hereditary. It is not something that comes and disappears. It is genetic. We cannot erase the pores permanently. But we can reduce its visibility. Under the hair follicles, when the oil glands fill up, its visibility increases and when we clear the oil glands its visibility reduces. When we do our facials or after cleansing or washing, many would say our pores opened up or closed. Actually our pores don't open or close. Our pores don't have any muscular movement. Only thing we can do is that we can reduce the visibility of the pores.

How to reduce visibility of pores?

When the oils and dirt settle there and clog, its visibility increases. When we clean up the dirt, its visibility reduces. This is the peculiarity of the pores. But we can't erase it permanently. Then only option is to visit cosmetologist and do fillers. When we do fillers, that part closes and gets filled. That is the only option. But that too is temporary. So, to reduce the pore visibility, there are many methods.

1. Steaming

First method is steaming. People have more visible pores is when the pores fill up with oil. People with Oily and combination skin have enlarged pores and fill up with oils. Steaming is a good option. Don't overdo it. Steam once or twice in a week and it will help to unclog your pores. That is why we say steaming is good. But people with dry skin don’t have to steam. Ensure only if you have clogged pores, then you can steam. Likewise, you need a good cleansing routine and also cleansers with salicylic acid as an ingredient is very good.

2. Double Cleansing

Next, People with pores have to be careful with an important thing is that they have to do double cleansing. Reason is that, when we apply makeup or sunscreen in the morning which is a compulsory thing, it is compulsory to remove it in the night. When you remove it, you have to make sure that you do double cleansing. Only when you do double cleansing, you can clean the pores in depth. In double cleansing, first with oil or cleansing balm we clean our face. It will help to remove the makeup or sunscreen we have applied. After this, we use a foaming cleanser which forms lather. Make some form on the face and clean it in depth. Doing double cleansing is very important for people with pores. If people with pores don't clean in depth, pores will clog and increases the visibility. So definitely follow double cleansing method.

3. Balance Your PH Level

Next, another important thing is that when you tone always try to balance you PH level. For that Apple cider vinegar is a good toner. It is available in market. It is a very good toner but never use it directly. If you like Apple cider vinegar to be used as toner, first you have to make sure that it is distilled Apple cider vinegar. It will be like mud water. We say it as Mother Earth Apple cider vinegar. Use organic, raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar. We won't get any benefit to our skin using crystal clear apple cider vinegar. Take this type of Apple cider vinegar, mix it with distilled or purified water in a 50:50 ratio. Take it with a cotton pad after cleansing wipe the face. It will balance the PH level in skin as well as to clean the pores in depth and helps us to unclog it. If you are having pores, definitely try Apple cider vinegar as toner.

4. Red Nolds

Another important thing that can be done by people with pores is using Red Nolds. Younger ones don't use Red Nolds. Those who are above 20- 23 definitely visit a cosmetologist or approved dermatologist who are licensed and ask for Red Nold prescription. This is not a medicine but a cream. Nowadays, there are products with small amount of Red Nold as an ingredient on online to buy. If we are using the products containing Red Nold on our skin, it will definitely help us to reduce the visibility of our pores. Use skincares like serums, creams, lotions, oils. Whatever you like, use items which contains Red Nolds but ensure that you are above 23 when you are using Red Nolds. When you are using Red Nolds, don't forget to apply sun protection because Red Nolds will increase the sun sensitivity on the skin. So use Red Nold. It is a very good ingredient but don't forget to use sun protection.

So these are the tips and tricks for the people with pores. So you definitely should follow this. We hope these tips are helpful to all of you.

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