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Important Things You Should Know About Your Skin

We are here with an interesting topic. Even though those who don't do makeup, they will have an interest in skincare. Most people like to know more about the skin and tips and tricks of the skin. We are here with some skincare tips. Skincare is a department where it is very confusing for most people. Skin is an organ and many products are launched in the market in different ways. First of all, you should understand is that a product that suits one person may not suit others. It is a very important thing. For example, if a friend or a relative tells you that a product is very good. It may suit them but not for you. Because your skin is an intelligent, functioning and absolutely a large organ. It is very intelligent. It is very important.

Skin Type:

When it comes to our skin, we should first understand what is our skin, it's concerns and its requirements before doing skincare routines. First, understand your skin type and what are the issues you are addressing. For some, they have hyper-pigmentation, some have dryness, some have anti-aging, some have acne, some have full of blackheads. The skin has different issues like this. You have to understand what type of skin issues you are handling. Whether you should brighten your skin or should care for anti-aging. With this base and the skin type, you should formulate accordingly for skincare.

Mistakes in Skincare

Mobile Phones:

There are some mistakes in the skincare. The first mistake is that you never clean your phone. We constantly touch our phone with fingers and place the phone near your face. All the bacteria on the skin will be on the phone. And all these bacteria we place it on the other side of the face as we place the phone on the other side. Again the bacteria will get placed on the other cheek as well. We fiddle the phone with hands, place it on the dining table, then in the kitchen. Some even take their mobiles in the bathroom. We use the phone different and most forget to clean the phone. If you don't clean the phone with antibacterial wipes or sanitizers, pimples will increase for those who have pimples. In skincare, the most important thing is to clean the phone. Most of the people, especially teenagers, if they have pimples on both their cheeks it is most probably their phone is not clean. They talk through the phone using one side, then they keep it on the other side. Then the bacteria from one side get transmitted on the other side also. Thus the acne gets on the cheeks. Another important thing is the pillowcases. We have told you already that we should change the pillowcases regularly. It is an important aspect in skincare. Changing the pillowcases as often as possible is an important aspect of skincare.

Makeup Removal:

Makeup removal is a very lazy thing for those who are applying makeup. There is no other laziest thing other than removing the makeup. After partying the whole night or after a full day work, they go to the bed with their makeup. If you don't remove the makeup, the replenishing of the cell of the skin will not take place. It will stop this process. The skin will start breathing when you go to bed at night. At this time of breathing, it will have a cycle to create new cells, induce collagen production. These will all stop if you don't remove makeup. When you apply makeup, it is a coating and is a blockage So don't go to sleep without removing your makeup. It is a very important aspect. Even if you are busy or you come late or even you are a person with a busy schedule, definitely remove your makeup. Don't sleep without removing your makeup. It is very important.


So third skincare mistake to avoid is going to bed at night without moisturizing. Most people while going to the bed they won't apply anything on the face. That's absolutely wrong because cell reproduction occurs at night. At the time of cell reproduction, it will use the naturally present moisturizer and oils from the skin and create new cells. We tend to become more and more drier at night. Then our skin will automatically begin to crack eventually. So what we should do is to apply night creams or oils heavily at night and help in cell replenishing. Then only your skin won't get dry after using the oil for this cycle. Even though the oils are used up for cell reproduction, there will have enough to maintain and sustain without making it extremely dry. So skincare mistake to avoid is don't forget to apply the moisturizer or oils at night.


Next is a very important tip. Everyone loves to use scrubs. Many likes to scrub their faces with walnut, apricot scrubs. We know a lot of people do that. But unfortunately, you shouldn't do that. Because scrubs or exfoliators, they are not scrubs scientifically it is called exfoliators. Exfoliators which we are using it in scrub format is called Physical exfoliators. Physical Exfoliators which are very harsh, gritty and grainy, with many grains; they won't remove your dead cells. In fact, they will scratch your skin. So avoid exfoliating too much. Scrubs are not to be used daily. You need to use a maximum of twice a week. You should not do it beyond that. The second thing you have to be careful when you use exfoliators is that avoid gritty and grainy and with too many granules. Use something that is subtle like fine rice powder, oats. Use such things for scrubbing gently. Don't use very gritty and grainy stuff. Don't scrub your face with something we use for elbows. That is very important. We should never be not to do exfoliation or overdo exfoliation. Do it once or twice a week. Reduce using exfoliators beyond that.

So do remember these tips. These tips will be helpful to many when you go to buy products or for formulating your routine.

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