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Sunscreen Tips For Sunny Season

So today we are here with some tips that goes with sunny season as well as some important Skincare tips. Most have questions regarding the sunscreen in the hot season. If you go to a shop for buying sunscreen, which sunscreen to buy and which not to buy, suits which skin type and which doesn't, what is the meaning of the ingredients, what exactly it is doing, most don't know any of this. In the hot season, people use sunscreen so that they don't get tanned. In reality, are we using sunscreen just to avoid the tan? We are going to tell you about this in detail. From the sun the major rays reaching the earth's surface is ultraviolet rays. There are two rays that reach the earth's surface. One is UVA rays and the second is UVB rays. The protection from these two rays is very important. There are no specialties in any rays, both have their own damages. In the summertime, the intensity increases. So when we go to buy sunscreen, be careful that it should protect from these two rays. We should understand what are the damages caused by UVA and UVB rays.

UVA Rays

UVA rays will penetrate the epidermis of the skin. The building blocks of our skin, that is these blocks give a firming to our skin known as collagen. These UVA rays will break the collagen. When it breaks, what happens is that building blocks will reduce and starts to sag. Thereafter, the skin will sag, the skin elasticity will reduce. If you have noticed, the young people will have tight skin. As we age, the skin will loosen and sag. Why this happens? The reason is the breakage of collagen. When we expose yourself to too much sunlight, because of this UVA damage, collagen will break for most of us. Collagen break and the bonds of the skin will loosen which results in sagging of skin. It also leads to premature aging, wrinkles, etc will affect your skin soon. You’ve heard of slow killing, Likewise, the damage is increases slowly. We won't be able to identify the depth of damage because it takes time for the damage to be visible. If you notice both males and females who are over 40 years of age, they will be having hyper pigmentation on their faces. They will be having black marks, for boys who are riding bikes will be having black marks on their forehead and exposure areas. The reason is hyper pigmentation which results from UVA damage. Protection from this is very important. Likewise, you should also be careful irrespective of your age and gender, you should protect yourself from UVA rays of the sun.

UVB Rays

The second is UVB. What does the UVB rays do? UVB is responsible for tanning. To some extent, it is a blessing and most don't know that. If you get tan, all will try to remove the tan. But it is a blessing because the tan is produced by the pigment called Melanin. Undistributed tan is not appealing. We get tan because when the stressful UVB rays from the sun touch our skin, tan or melanin is produced as a protective layer for the skin. When UVB rays touch our skin, the protective layer that is Melanin will distribute making the skin little black in colour. Those who don't have melanin will not get this black colour. We have Melanin, that is why we get tan. If there is no Melanin, they will get burn. Then what happens? They will become red in colour, swell and skin will peel off. If you notice foreigners, Caucasian you can see that their skin will burn if they are exposed to the sun too much. For the skin where there is no Melanin, over time, especially if there is too much exposure to the sun, there is a chance of skin cancer. That is why in India, we don't have much skin cancer. This is the reason because we have Melanin in our skin. God bless that we have the protection of Melanin. Those who don't have Melanin, the chances of skin cancer are high. In all these tanning, hyper pigmentation, anti-aging; sunscreen plays an important role.


In the summer season, it is important to protect ourselves from the sun. When you go to buy sunscreen, know your skin type first. For oily skin, always buy gel- based sunscreen. Don't buy creamy and oily sunscreen, if you have oily skin. If it is oily skin, natural oil production of the skin is more. You can do is buy water- based or gel- based sunscreen. If you do your research, you can find out many brands. If you have dry skin, your skin lacks moisture. In your skin natural oil is less, so buy creamy based sunscreen. These are the small elements you have to take care of. When you buy sunscreen, you have to make sure it is written "Broad Spectrum Sunscreen". You get protection from both the rays only if it is Broad Spectrum sunscreen.

SPF & PA+++

Similarly, another misunderstanding is that SPF- Sun Protection Factor, there is a value for SPF. Everyone thinks the higher the value, the more the protection. It is not necessary. If you have SPF 30-35 above and no need for above 50. It is more than enough. Similarly, for UVA protection, you have to look for PA+++ should be written. PA with more the plus, more the protection. PA+++ is the value for UVA protection. SPF is the denotation for the protection from UVB. So these are the major angle to be noted for sun protection. These are the small tips for you in this blog about sunscreen and you have to take care especially in this summer season. UVA rays are consistent throughout the year but UVB rays in the summertime, it is inconsistent. It is too hot in the afternoon. So it is compulsory that you need protection from both the rays. Preferably use sunglasses, UV protective sunglasses and hats when you go out. Wear caps. Those who use bikes, wear full covered helmets which should be UV protective. These are the small things you have to take care of in the summer season. So we hope these tips were helpful to you all. Definitely buy your sunscreen whatever suits your skin, whatever suits your profession, your requirement.

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