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Dry Skincare Tips !!

Today we are going to present before you many tips relating to skincare. Especially for those who have dry skin, these tips are handy. So we are going to share some tips for those who have dry skin. There will be different types of skincare tips, so read carefully.

Most of us like skincare tips. We used to get many messages from those who like skincare routines. That is the reason we cater this for those who have dry skin and going to share these tips.

Firstly, when we meet our clients, we have noticed that many have very dry skin or combination skin. Combination skin means they have many parts of the face dry and many parts are oily. Generally, nose and forehead parts, that is T zone will be oily and rest of the parts will be dry. For them, most don't know which products to use and how to take care of T zone. Firstly, we have to make sure the products should match the skin type, even if it is oily skin or dry skin. For those who have dry skin, when they do the cleansing routine it should not become very dry. This is because when we take the properties of their skin, their oil production is less. Skin is an organ and the external level balance is oil and water. Oil production balance is imbalance for those who have dry skin. For oily skin, the imbalance is that the oil production is more and for dry skin, the imbalance is that the oil production is less. So in cleansing routine, no one will consider our skin type. They will use facewash for cleansing that form lot of lather. But for those who have dry skin, they have to be careful that they should avoid sulphate content. They should use sulphate free facewash. Sulphate free facewash are generally preferred. The reason is sulphate forms lot of lather. Lather is used to remove grease from the face but if the sulphate content is more and forms lather, their skin will become more and more drier. Many don't know that after using facewash, there will be skin tightening. If this tightness occurs, it means that product is extremely dry for your skin. Generally preferred for dry skin will be either cleansing balms, cleansing creams or cleansing fruit oils. These are available in the market. These are very good when used in the morning. It won't dry your skin. It is sulphate free and therefore won't form lather. but helps to removes all bacteria and dirt from your face.

Next is very important routine, that is Toning. Most of the people don't care about Toning. Those who have dry skin should use a Toner that contain Hyaluronic acid. Because it increases the moisture level of the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a humectant. We are not going to elaborate in depth. Humectant means it will help to attract more moisture level that is more than 1000 times weight. Humectants help to retain and attract moisture level in the skin. That is why it is called Humectants. Hyaluronic acids are formed naturally in the skin, so we should use Toners that contain hyaluronic acid. If Toners with hyaluronic acid are not available, you can use glycerin, which is available to buy mixed pure rose water. Not the rose water that contains fragnance. You should always buy steam distilled rose water and you should not be allergic to Roses. Those who are allergic to flowers should not use. Likewise if you are going use glycerin, for those who are allergic to Lactic acid won't suit. You can mix Rosewater with glycerin in a spray bottle and spray it all over your face after cleansing your face. After cleansing, pat dry your skin, then take the Toner and spritz it. Allow it 5 minutes to dry. In this way, dry skin can be tonned.

After this, what you can do is, definitely, a hydrating Serum. You can buy a lot of Serums in the market. A Serum is light weight but it will not make you look too oily. If it contains Hyaluronic acid, it is very good because it will help to retain the moisture in the skin for those who have dry skin. This is how we do CTM. First we did Cleanse, Tone and then we applied Serum. For those who have extremely dry skin, you can apply a moisturiser after 5 minutes. Take a drop and apply the moisturiser on the face to seal everything. What skin wants is moisture and adequate moisture content. That is the reason we should look for hyaluronic acid in the ingredient. If you get those products, you will get the adequate moisture level for your skin. It is better as a morning routine daily for those who have dry skin. Cleanse, Tone, apply Serum and then apply moisturizer.

After this is the Sunscreen. Apply it after 5 minutes. This skincare routine is apt for dry skin people in the morning. This same routine can be followed at night also but instead of moisturizer, we would recommend oils. There are so many oils in the market. If you want, you can apply coconut oil but many feel like coconut oil is too heavy. So we are recommending Marula oils. Marula oil is very good for those who have dry skin. Likewise, Rosehip oil. Rosehip oil or Marula oil. Marula oil is available on the internet and online to purchase. Marula oil is very good for those who are having dry skin. It is available in different brands. You can buy them according to your budget. Likewise, Rosehip oil. Cold pressed Rosehip oil is very good for dry skin. Another tip that we can give is that some put face mask. Some people apply face mask weekly. Multhanimutti or bentonite clay can be used but along with that use curd, milk layer, honey, etc can be mixed. Because you need moisture. Clay will absorb the moisture from the skin. So it won't suit people with dry skin. You have to increase the moisture. So you need to ameliorate things. For this reason, we must use the milk layer, curd, etc to mix with clay.

Another very good option for dry skin is the Sheet mask. There is so many sheet mask available to buy in the market. It is single-use packets. In these, there are moisturizing and hydrating masks are very good. Sheet masks are available in multiple price ranges and affordable too. This is single-use packets and very good for dry skin people. People with dry skin open the sheet mask after cleansing and pat dry the skin. In this, there is a mask that is cut in face shape. You can use it after storing it in the fridge for 5 minutes. Then take the mask and apply it on the face and lay down. This is very good for hydration but remove it before 15 minutes. Remove the mask and apply the leftover serum in the packet on the face and neck. Let it dry and you can go to sleep. No need to wash it off. Wash your face in the morning. This is a very good technique to increase the moisture level. It is a very good technique for dry skin to use a sheet mask. You can easily use it once or twice a week. So these are the tips for dry skin people. Ensure that you hydrate. Never let your skin peel off. Skin rejuvenation is a normal thing daily. Every minute your cells rejuvenate. At the same time, you must remove the dead cells and provide the adequate moisture level to the skin which is very important for people with dry skin. We believe that these tips are very helpful.

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