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How to apply a simple makeup using only 5 products

In this tutorial blog, we are sharing few ideas on how you can do a simple makeup by using only 5 products. This will help you to achieve a look without spending huge amount of money for buying number of products.

First, as always, you have to clean your skin and prep the skin. That means, clean it and wash using a face wash. Avoid using cleansing milk and similar products and just wash your face. After washing apply some moisturizer on the face so that the skin will be plump and hydrated. Don't do makeup on a dirty face without prepping. It will not last. Makeup won't get the finishing also. So work on a clean canvas all the time. Allow 10 minutes for the moisturizer to absorb in the skin. If required apply sunscreen and allow 10 minutes to absorb. Only then you should proceed to the makeup routine.


After prepping the skin, we are going to apply the foundation. We are using a stick foundation for daily wear as its very easy to blend. So take a mirror and applying this stick foundation. Too much is not necessary. Wherever you need on the face, just 5 strips or 4- 5 strips. Also dot it. Apply little bit on the neck also. This foundation matches the skin. It will even out the skin. You can blend it nicely by taking a buffy brush. You can apply the foundation according to your needs. If you want more you can apply more. If you want a little, you can do it. That is the peculiarity of the stick foundation. Easy to blend also. But the thing you have to be careful about is that foundation should not be done heavily. Don't try to make your skin fairer. The foundation should dissolve into your skin.


Next product is the Blush. Never forget the blush. Blush helps to awaken the skin coral colour blush. Taking both a little and tap off the excess and then blend it. Then, take the same blush and an eye shadow brush. Just apply it as an eye shadow so as to bring a look to the upper part of the eye.


The third item we have to use is Eyebrows. What we have to do is take a small brush and an eyebrow cream. We are going to fill the eyebrows naturally. Be careful that you use only browns. Don't use blacks.


The fourth product we are going to use is Mascara. You don't have to draw your eyes but just by applying Mascara, your eyes will have awakening look. So put some Mascara. If you want a natural then you have to apply on the upper lash alone. If you want to apply on the lower lash, then you can. It is your wish. Some don't like applying to the lower lash. For Proper makeup routine, you have to apply on the lower lash to get a finishing.


The fifth product we are applying is lipstick. The easiest way to apply lipstick is when you buy the crayons. If you use crayons, you don't need a liner at all.

Follow these steps to do the makeup in 5 minutes with just 5 products. Now get ready to do the makeup and go to the party.

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