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20 Must have Essentials in your Makeup Bag to maintain your perfect look.

We get number of queries from women on what are the essential Makeup or cosmetics items like beauty essentials that they need to carry in their handbag. In this blog, we give our inputs on the ideal things to carry when you are travelling or you want to do touchup at an event or party. It’s not what we should carry a clutch for attending a function. For example, if you are travelling, then you might not need lot of things and would required only basic, minimalist things. Or if you want to go for an event and you can come back only in the evening, then the things which you need to carry varies. so what all you should be carrying. So we are here sharing 20 of the must have essentials in your makeup bag.

1. Facial wipes

First is a Makeup wipes cleansing tissues. This is a facial wipes. If the packet is small, we can keep it in the pouch. And if the packet is big, we can put it in the bag.

2. Lip Balm.

You can carry Lip Balm or Lip Oil. Lip Balm and Lip Oils are to hydrate your lips. You can get Lip Oils with nice oil contents, natural oils are available to buy. Lip balm/ Lip oils are good as it won't get your lips chapped and therefore, will keep your lip plumped and hydrated.

3. Eyebrows.

A pencil is good for eyebrows. Pencil with a spooly at the back, which is a kind of brush, will help you for blending nicely. For example, if it is a long day or you are travelling, this type of pencils are very good. It is an angled pencil. Its not like an ordinary pencil and it is dark brown. Do not use black colour. Fill your eyebrows with this dark brown and comb it with the brush and we can blend it. Eyebrow pencils are very handy that go into your pouch.

4. Perfumes.

Everyone likes Perfumes. It is available in different flavours, scents etc. Always carry them because we can use these Perfumes according to our mood. Perfumes are available in small size. Carry small bottles because big bottles are very heavy and our shoulders and arms will ache to carry them.

5. Sunscreen.

Sunscreen should be top upped regularly. Once applied, it won't last for full day. We have to top up after 3 to 4 hours. So always carry Sunscreen. You can carry Sunscreen of your choice.

6. Mascara.

If we use Eyeliner, we should apply Mascara. Applying Mascara will widen your eyes. Always carry small tubes of Mascara. All Mascara will expire after 3 months.

7. Hand Sanitizers.

As we go out, we will be touching number of things. We should keep our hands bacteria free. So always keep a sanitizer with you. It is very important. Especially, for those who have acne, should always sanitize their hands and should not touch the face always.

8. Hand Cream.

Lot of us have dry hands. Skin will come off and have dry patches. So to keep the hands hydrated, always keep a small sized Hand Cream. It is very handy. Not big tube but small tube.

9. Compact Powder.

You can carry any Compact Powder of your choice. Using Compact Powder too much will give a look of dry skin. It will oxidize your foundation. It will give a dullness. But carry one just in case of emergency. If you want to go out due to an urgency and you want to put some powder when it feel little oily, use this powder.

10. Eyeliner.

This Eyeliner is a liquid Eyeliner. We don't use the Kajal to draw below the eye too much. Kajal is very difficult to topup when smudged. This is water-proof and easily drying. Carry this little tube always just in case of emergency.

11. Eyedrops.

We should always carry Eyedrops. Most of us spend time in air-conditioner. When we sit in AC or under the fan, our eyes will become drier. Using Eyeliners will lead to dry eyes in future and it is very irritating. So we must use Eyedrops because eyes have requirement of lubrication. So you have to apply Eyedrops once in a while. Preferably natural eyedrops.

12. Sharpener.

People using Pencils, Lipliners will be needing a Sharpener.

13. Red Lipstick.

If you are comfortable with Red Lipstick, carry one always. Red Lipstick will suit any occasion, any outfit, any person. If you are not, its not required. If you are using Red, it is very essential thing.

14. Nude Lipstick.

Nude Lipstick means its the natural colours of lips like mauvy pink colour. Always carry one for a quick touch up. For any occasion and for anyone can carry this nude colour.

15. Lip and Cheek stain.

In the airport, when you see celebrities, we can notice that their cheeks and lips are very flushy. There won't be many colours but they look very young and youthful. The easiest way to explain is the Cheek and Lips stain, which is used on Cheeks and Lips. It has to be applied very lightly like a tint. This is very handy. After a flight, if we want to give a amp up, this is a very good option. Lip and Cheek stains are available in lot of brands.

16. Highlighters.

You can carry liquid highlighters. Those who like to glow, look shiny and glowing all the time like to apply highlighters. You can apply liquid highlighters or you get powder highlighters.

17. Bloating sheets.

If your face become oily after Makeup, maybe by afternoon, usually people use Compact powder. Don't use Compact powder rather use Bloating sheets. These are thin papers. Take the Bloating paper and just dab the oil. It will absorb the oil from the face and will avoid Makeup becoming cakey and prevent the foundation to become inappropriate. Normally the foundation looks bad on applying the powder. In case of Bloating paper, it won't happen. Each packets usually have 100 Bloating sheets

18. Cue Tips.

Cue Tips are very good if your lipstick got smudged. This is a handy thing.

19. Brush.

If we need to put some blush or highlighter, we need a Brush. Keep only small size brush which is dense. Always use it as it is handy.

20. Plum colour Lipliner.

Carry Plum colour because you can work with pinks, blend it with red, nudes and also with many colours. Plum Lipliner is a colour that suits Indian skin. So always carry a Plum Lipliner in the pouch.

This is the essential requirement for ladies who needs to maintain their perfect look.

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