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Empowering makeovers as part of #ScarsAreBeautiful campaign

As part of our #MakeoverChangesLife movement, #FacePalette has a campaign called #ScarsAreBeautiful, where empowering makeovers are given by #LekshmiMenonFRSA to victims of traumatic experience so as to create awareness that make-up can be used as a 'tool' to boost self-confidence, rather than to hide or conceal their individuality.

As part of this campaign, #LekshmiMenonFRSA did a makeover for a burn victim, Sreeja Anthony, who reclaimed her life after experiencing horrific burns as the result of a terrifying kerosene stove bust 24 years ago . The lady is from a poor family and work as a maid in Kochi and she underwent numerous plastic surgeries to recover to some extent after the accident. We filmed this transformation so as to give hope to other burn victims to visualise them transformed without changing their individuality. Through this transformation, we gave her a sense of hope and feeling good about herself and the very fact that she felt beautiful and confident after so many years. This is the photo of the transformation. The 2 minute video of transformation is planned as #OnamRelease on 18th August through our social media platforms, which also happens to be the birthday of our Creative Head Lekshmi Menon FRSA.

At 'The Face Palette' we understand that #MakeOverChangesLife . Makeover can give such a boost to your self image and as we can seen during the makeovers, it has the possibility to become a turning point in a person’s life. We have seen that amongst people who are not in the best of their health, even if they have never reached for makeup before to enhance their beauty, they are now keen to bring life back to skin, supplement their thinning eye lashes and eyebrows, highlight a feature for a special occasion, or help hide their illness. Through the #MakeOverChangesLife movement, we wants to gift a women their fair share of vanity that allows them to feel good, beautiful and empowered. #MakeOverChangesLife movement focuses not only on bringing about a makeover by application of makeup but also focuses on training women to develop makeup skills so that they are in a position to gift makeover to other women as we believe that when we share what we know and give others the means to replicate what we have done, remarkable things can happen as more women will gets an opportunity to get a to get a makeover, which can probably change their life.

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