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Eyebrow routine

Beautiful is not a word. It is a bizarre mix of emotions. If you go on the road and compliment someone that you are looking beautiful/ handsome, they will be very happy. Their entire day will be bright and colourful. In order to be beautiful, you have to follow some tips and tricks. In this blog, we share more details about eyebrow routine. You can also watch the video tutorial here.

Most of us like eyebrows very much. Eyebrows are the ones which frame our face. But very few of us knows how to fill them correctly. Usually when we fill them, it looks artificial or the colours we are using are not correct.

In this blog, we have provided a detailed routine on how to to fill the eyebrows neatly and naturally. Generally, there are many products available in the market for Eyebrow routine. You have pencils. Then you have some creams with some powders.

If you are going for a night look, we can use creams and if you are going for a day look, we can use powder. Pencils are very tricky because generally when we use pencil we start from one end and stops at the other. But we should never do that. We should fill the brows with pencil in strokes according to the length of the hair.

Now, why is Eyebrows important? Eyebrows are ones which frame the shape of our face. Normally we go for threading. In Kerala, most of us do threading. First of all, when we do threading, it should be according to the shape of your face. Notify them that dont make it too thin but keep it thick and maintain the natural shape. Thinner eyebrows trend has changed. Now the trend is natural, thicker and fuller eyebrows. So always ensure that your natural eyebrow shape is kept. Now secondly, we should fill up the eyebrows. As we fill up the eyebrows, our look will change entirely. Even if we dont put much makeup, fill your eyebrows and put a good lip colour, you will see the face transformation .

Over the next couple of paragraphs, we are going to show how to fill the eyebrows. First, we should brush or comb your eyebrows. When we comb the eyebrows, we will understand how it has been shaped.

Secondly, to fill the eyebrows use angled brush. Generally, when we focus on our eyebrows, Drawn on the upper portion of eyebrow. Do not go to the arch portion, only the front portion. We have to be careful that we maintain that shape. If we darken from here, it will give us an artificial look. This is sometimes called Box Eyebrows. Some of us likes Box Eyebrows but if you want to fill naturally, leave some hair here when you start to fill. Don't ever use black colour unless and until you want thick and dark Arabic eyebrows. Otherwise don't ever use black.

Dark brown, deepest ebony brown or deep gray, only these colour will match our eyebrows. Makeup artists or Makeup experts recommend one tone lighter than natural eyebrow colour. But always remember it should be mat powder. We don't use shimmery products on our eyebrows.

When we start an eyebrow, measure from your nose . Don't start from the sides. With brush, measure from edge of nose along the edge of eyes and where the brush ends eyebrows should end there. Always make sure, when you go for threading ask them to reduce the length of the eyebrows. After filling the eyebrows, with the Spoolie brush just comb the eyebrow so that product will spread everywhere naturally. And finally, after combing if you wish you can use eyebrow gels just like mascara. It is available in stores. You can use it to set your eyebrows. You can use clear mascara out, it wont or with old mascara brush you can apply some brown mascara. Just comb it . Finally, if you need some more definition, more darker you can apply cream. And fill it with powder.

If you want to highlight your eyebrow more, you can use a trick. Take some cream based concealer, with a concealer brush apply some concealer above the eyebrow. You will get more definition for this eyebrow than the other one. If you use concealer, you will get more defined eyebrows.

This is how you do the eyebrow routine. It is something you can do. Many types of products are available in the market, you can buy them of your choice. Remember, not to buy any dark colours. Buy the colour which is one tone lighter than your natural colour. Dark brown or dark deep grey. Buy them and try it.

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