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How to apply peppy pink lipstick

In this blog, we are going to teach you how to apply peppy pink lipstick and highlight it. Bright pink lipstick suits our skin tone very well especially teenagers like college going, school going kids.. They like bright pink peppy colours very much. In addition to the detailed description in this blog, you can also watch this video tutorial

​First, as usual clean up your face. Use your face wash. Pat our skin dry using towel or tissue. Next tone your skin. Especially, when you feel you have dry skin use some toner. Generally, use hydrating toners. We can spray the hydrating toners directly to the face. Rose water is very good hydrating toner but use from the right brand. Allow it to dry. Give it 2 min to dry. Now use a Serum. You can also use light weight moisturisers, oils, serums of your choice. We can only do good makeup on moisturised skin. Moisturising of skin is not only for makeup but it also helpful to protect the skin.

Looking after your skin is a discipline. So always cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin. And always whatever you use on face should be covered to neck also. Above this, use some foundation. Do take only a small quantity. When we go out, it is unnecessary to use large quantity of foundation. Use some liquid concealer to camouflage your dark circles. Concealers camouflage the dark circles. As usual concealers have to be set using powder. use loose powder to set concealer. We are not doing heavy eye makeup. But we should always do your eyebrows. Use eyebrow powder to fill up eyebrows with a dark brown powder. In the morning, if we use powder we get a natural look but for cream we get a heavy look. So use powder to fill up. Before going to do makeup on skin, apply pink lipstick. To apply pink lipstick, draw your lip with a pink lip liner and fill it. Above this, fill with a lipstick and for this tutorial, we are using bright pink peppy colour. When using bright colour lipsticks, you have to apply complementary tone blush to balance the look. Therefore for pink lipstick, put some pink blush over here. Then only everything will come along and become a complete package. In this tutorial, we are not using eyeliner but instead will use some mascara. So curl your eyelashes and put some mascara. If you like eyeliner, you can use a brown eyeliner according to the time available. And finally to finish off the look, use a setting spray as it gives a glowing look as we apply them. Allow it to dry so that makeup is set. Give it 5 minutes. Application of setting spray gives makeup a natural look and luminous finish with a nice peppy lipstick. This is a simple look which will be suitable for youngsters and everyone.

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