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Mothers to get huge discounts on makeup classes and makeover services as part of Face Palette’s Moth


Happy Mother's Day

Kochi, India: As part of the Mother’s day celebrations at Face Palette, the company is carrying out a campaign called #ToMyBeautifulAMMA, where mothers can attend basic self makeup class and avail makeover services at massive discounts at Face Palette studio in Kochi. The higher a mother’s age, the higher will the discount percentage! For example, if mother's age is 60 years, then she gets 60% off on basic self makeup classes or makeover services. Therefore, she will pay only Rs 1600 instead of Rs 4000 for makeup classes or she will pay only Rs 1400 instead of Rs 3500 for makeover services. You can find more details about the #ToMyBeautifulAMMA here -

Lekshmi Menon, Creative head of Face Palette said “The invariable laugh of my amma warms my heart, brings tears to my eyes and makes me realise the power of unconditional and irrevocable love which only a mother can provide!! A mother always showers us with love, nurtures us and cares us during every single minute of our life. The aim of our #ToMyBeautifulAMMA campaign is to pamper mothers on their special day and through this campaign, we want to make it easier and less expensive for her to attend that makeup class which she always wanted to attend or to get a makeover which she always wanted to get”.

A number of students have benefitted from studying at FacePalette. Well known Malayalam actress Poojitha Menon, who attend FacePalette classes, said “Lekshmi has been a turning point in my life .. not just in terms of make up, but also to various aspects of my skin care, beauty concerns, fashion doubts etc. before I joined her, I was quite certain about my make up skills. And, when I attended her beginners make up session, I realised I knew nothing about the basics and her class was an eye-opener to the world of makeup. She is the perfect person to start with. A very warm, friendly and a great person to begin your make up and beauty journey. The best thing I love about her, is u can always rely on her for any make up doubts and she is just a msg away. I will blindly refer her to anyone, because she will give her students the BEST any world class ace make up artist can provide ! I love her and her classes.

Mother's day is a day honouring motherhood and is celebrated in various forms across the world. The Mother's day during the year 2018 occurs on 13th May, 2018

About Your Company: Face Palette is a Kochi based beauty venture co founded by husband - wife duo, Lekshmi Menon & Sujit S Nair, both UK returned Indian entrepreneurs, who were awarded scholarships to study post graduation from UK universities. The venture focuses on all things makeup - training, products and services. The Face Palette aims to give an insight into the world of makeup artistry, share knowledge about basic and advanced makeup tips and tricks, get different looks, review about products and make all you beautiful people out there... even more glam, pretty and confident.


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