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Cannes 2016 and Bollywood !! - Aishwarya Rai in Ali Younes Couture and Blue Eyeshadow | The Face Pal

Hello my dearest honeybears... It is indeed that time of the year... Yes, the Cannes!! Are you one of those girls (or boys) that keep a tap on the fashion scene every year at the prestigious film festival...? Well, I certainly am! I always look forward to seeing my favourites on the Cannes red carpet every year and let me be honest, some I love, some I hate, some I go blah and some I am in between... So, how does this year's rating go for our Bollywood Glam divas on the Cannes 2016 red carpet. P.S: Not to forget, its 15 years of Ash in Cannes!! 15 years!!! My, my! She made her debut in 2002... where was I then? Doing my 10th grade! Sigh! I was young and dumb, unlike many of the 15 year old's today! Lol!


To mark Ash's 15th year, why not I start with her look when she wore the Ali Younes Couture gown. Disclaimer: Remember my lovely readers, I am a blogger and I do critique. I do not mean to hurt anybody or create negative vibes. I love being creative with Fashion and Makeup and as I say, there are no strict rules to it. Follow what your heart says and wear it with confidence. However, through a post as such and being a blogger, I put in constructive criticism about what could have been done better by the celebrities and what really stood out to me. I like to say both positives as well as things that could have improved. So, if this is something that will hurt your feelings reading about your favourite celebrity, please do not continue... but remember, I will continue to love you ok. :) :)

Aishwarya Rai in Ali Younes Couture

Image Credits: Getty Images / Antonio De Moraes Barros Filho

Ash marked her Cannes red carpet 2016 wearing an embellished Ali Younes Couture gown with a cape that matched the gown perfectly to attend the premiere of Slack Bay ("Ma Loute"). She paired the gown with blue eyeshadow that really, really stood out and wavy tresses that cascaded with the cape of her gown. My Thoughts: ATTIRE:

I love Ali Younes Couture in general and their intricate patterns, designs and embellishments. This gown was perfect in that way. The Neutral Gold tone she opted was a safe choice of colour that goes really well with Indian yellow skin tone and the intricate embellished design of the gown was beautiful. However, honestly, I did not feel the gown was something absolutely spectacular. Ash's fashion at Cannes 2015 stood out to me, but this year, mmm... The gown just lacked a bit of oomph, to be fair. A different colour, perhaps?!

I could still understand the oomph part, but I just felt that the gown did not do justice to her beauty. I felt it looked ill-fitted for her and accentuated her waistline and made Ash look like she was having a tiny baby bump. Please don't get me wrong, if it is true and if she is indeed pregnant, I am truly very happy for her. I loved the fact she embraced motherhood in her first pregnancy and carried it out with confidence. If she is indeed not pregnant now, the gown fit literally did not do justice to how mesmerizing she actually is.

We are women.. we all gain weight. Ask me, I know! I take an extra spoon of rice, it shows on my waistline next day! Hormones, stress, lifestyle, etc. it shows on us !! I understand completely! Sigh!! :(


But it is Aishwarya Rai we are talking about and this is Cannes Red carpet... I think if she indeed gained a bit here or there, her stylist should have done a better job at getting a proper fit to her gown. It certainly did not do well in all the photographs as each and every pic just brings it out... Check it out!

Image Credits: Getty Images / Venturelli


Yeah, that's what I felt! :(



Her makeup did look lovely and what stood out was the use of blue eyeshadow and blue liner. The blue did pop in some colour to the already neutral and washed out colour of the gown and certainly brought in a bit of edge.

Image Credits: Deccan Chronicle through search engine

What could have improved in the eye makeup application... Well, from a makeup point of view, there are no strict do's and dont's. However, a bit more dimension to the look would have made more sense?! I loved the pairing of Blue and Gold in the lid.. but noticed a pastel blue running through her crease which require a bit more blending. A bit of darker midnight blue just on the crease or the outer v of her eyes would have brought her blue-green eyes out better. At the moment, the colour is a bit more pastel-like and it just needs to look a tad bit more refined.

The makeup artist used a dark black eyeliner to tight line the upper lash line and lower lash line and used a blue eyeliner on her lower lash line and blended it to perfection. She is definitely wearing natural looking lashes or individual lashes as well and paired it with loads of mascara!! :) The makeup artist has also done a wonderful job at filling in the eyebrows using a natural shade that suits her well without over-arching and making it too bold. The lashes have been blended well and combed upwards using a spoolie as well.

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You can use a Turquoise-blue eyeliner pencil first and then blend it with the eyeshadow on top to recreate this look. Do I find the makeup wearable... TOTALLY! ;) You just need to be confident like how she is on the red carpet! The confidence shines my lovelies!

Image Credits: Getty Images / Nellson Barnard


Her foundation is done well with a fresh, natural look sticking to her natural skin tone. The skin is mattified to look good in photography. Too much shine can bounce back badly in pictures. Her cheek colour looks very similar to her lips. A matte bronzer has been used to give a slight contour and the blush looks very natural, like a pinched flush tone and looks absolutely stunning. Highlighter has been used, but very, very minimal. Aishwarya has certain open visible pores on her cheeks and the makeup artist has ensured not to use highlighter there.



I loved that she paired the makeup with a neutral lip which is kind of like her signature. There is certainly a lip liner used on her that has been blended in beautifully with her natural lip colour but in certain pics, it is clearly visible without looking too harsh. A natural shade of lip liner which is a shade darker than your own natural lips would be perfect. Ensure that you exfoliate your lips much in prior so that your lips can look lovely. She has fine lines and cuts on her lips and a matte lip is something that will really accentuate that so I am glad that she opted for some moisture and gloss over her lips.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Nellson Barnard


I loved the fact that she opted for a dark hair instead of going lighter because, a dark brunette shade can make her look much more youthful and ethereal. I love her hair always but do I wish she could have experimented with her hair a wee bit, yes. I think she stuck to her comfort zone here, but nevertheless, it does look lovely on her.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Venturelli


I loved the fact that she paired the embellished gown with minimal accessories. It worked perfectly for her and made the look balanced.

Overall Rating: 2/5

Comments: Overall Aishwarya's debut look at Cannes 2016 did not do much for me, to be very honest. I love her and honestly do think she is absolutely stunning, but Ash's this year's debut Ali Younes Couture was an absolute disappointment for me, as much as my heart breaks to say this, but I am being true to my readers. She has such wonderful features that could be played with colours and she has such panache that could really own the red carpet. Her gown was ill-fitted and the colour choice should have been better. I loved the blue-eye makeup, the rating is for that and kudos for trying out to be different. A bit more dimension and blending to the eye, maybe would have taken it to another level. I love the blending of her base makeup and the use of neutral tones. She should definitely try experimenting with her beautiful hair, which can bring her features forward rather than sticking to something safe always.

What did you all think about Aishwarya's look? Was it a Yaaaayyy or Naaaahhh for you? Let me know!

Stay tuned for more Cannes 2016 reviews my angels! :D

Until next time,

Stay pretty and keep smiling!

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