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Makeup Tip 7 - Revive Dried Gel Eyeliner using Simple remedies | Makeup Beauty Blog

Hello my Darling Angels, Today I have yet another tip for you all !! Who does not love to draw their eyes... I know most of you love love love drawing their eyeliner... and there is nothing better than a winged liner isn't it!! One key to getting your perfect winged liner is a good and smooth gel liner in hand. However, we all face the dilemma of getting a perfect wing especially when our gel liner dries out... Yeah I know my lovelies... I know!! It is seriously a PAIN to draw your eyeliner with a dried gel liner. So, what is the solution to revive a gel liner and make it smooth again?? Very, very simple!!

Alternatively, you can very well use Inglot's Duraline and revive it back again!! Simple isn't it ! You can get to buy Inglot from in India and from their counters at various places across the country.

Now you can all easily get your gel liner smooth once again with these simple tips!! I hope this is helpful to you all... Stay pretty and keep smiling my lovelies!

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