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Makeup Tip 6 - Make your Eyes look Bigger | Makeup Beauty Blog

Hello my lovely bunch of baked goodies... (Now isn't that cute... !!) Firstly, I am truly humbly so so so so sorry for being MIA for the past couple of weeks. Hubby was not around for a while. He was travelling doing his Entrepreneurial Business stuff and for me, when he is usually not around, I feel as though a part of me is not there. I feel incomplete and off... so yeah!! Sorry!! :( I was also travelling in between and also celebrated hubby's birthday. My birthday is also coming up in few days (18th August) and I am all excited...!! Are you one of those people who love love love celebrating birthdays or one of those who feels like it is just another day? Let me know... I love celebrating life and I love, love, love to celebrate special days. Every single day is special for me but special days are EXTRA special.. :D So, let me stop with my rambling and go straight on to my next makeup tip. Today I am going to give you tips on how to make your eyes appear bigger. We Indians do LOVE our Kajal and Kohl pencils. Almost EVERY girl own an eyeliner... and even girls who don't like makeup will own one eyeliner somewhere in their stash. Many are under the impression that when we draw an eyeliner, our eyes look bigger... is this actually true???? The Answer is NO! In fact, drawing your upper waterline is perfectly fine. It gives definition to your eyes... but what about your lower waterline?? When you draw your lower waterline using a dark pencil, it can actually close down your eyes rather than making it appear bigger. So, what do you do?? Check out my makeup tips below! :D

If you do have any questions with regard to this makeup tip, do not hesitate to let me know through my FB page, 'The Face Palette by Lekshmi Menon' or you can comment down below and let me know as well. Hope you are all doing well at your end. Sending you all lots of love and cuddles your way!! Stay pretty and keep smiling!

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