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Makeup Tip 4 - Sensitive Eyes using Eyeliner | Makeup Beauty Blog

Hello my darling gorgeous bubs

I know, I know... I was away for a while!! Sooooo Sorry for the late post dear ones.. I was actually travelling and was a bit pre-occupied with work stuff and also myself and hubby celebrated our 1st engagement anniversary on the 4th July... Ha-ha, yes, we got engaged last year 2014. When US celebrated its independence and freedom, we celebrated our union. :) (All the pics from the day are on my Facebook page, if you wish to see them my angels).

Today I am going to post another makeup tip for you all. :) This is something I got questions about many a times from lots of lovely girls. This is about having very sensitive eyes. So here is a tip for you all..

The reason I create such snippets of tips for you all is for you to easily save taking a screenshot and recollect anytime you need to go back. It is easier, brief and to the point. I hope this is helpful to you all and if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to drop me a comment or a message and I shall get back to you for sure. :) Stay pretty my darling bunch of cupcakes... and always be happy! Love and hugs!

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